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Unfortunately all of the dimmers available for residential use produce lots of dirty electricity. They all dim using the same method pretty much. So there are no safe dimmers out there. They will all produce a very large amount of dirty electricity and RF as well (you can pick that up with an AM radio). We have looked and tested different dimmers and verified the above statements to be accurate. The only clean way for lower lighting is lamps or more switches to control more bulbs.

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From what I have seen - the light elements in ALL of the modern LED bulbs run on DC and therefore the bulbs must have electronics that switch the AC power provided by the house to DC to power the elements. This is a dirty operation. Some are better than others, though it depends on which meter or scope we use. I don't believe any of them are truly clean - they all produce some high frequencies - it is inherent to the way they use power in short little spikes.

We used to have some bulbs that appeared OK on the Stetzerizer Meter, but we had one customer that was getting high readings from the bulb in his home. I suspect it was interacting with other frequencies or with another device. Because of this one incident, I made the decision to discontinue selling the LED bulbs. I always err on the side of caution, even if it means taking a considerable loss as we did with the bulbs. I may liquidate those bulbs we have left, and simply warn would-be purchasers about the potential for dirty electricity or other energy pollution from them.

But as far as carrying a product and highlighting a real solution - that is why I went with the Clean Halogens. While the energy savings isn't as good as LED or CFL, it is a perfectly clean load on the system just like incandescent bulbs. How valuable is your health? I don't use any LED or CFL bulbs or dimmer switches in my home. It is all Clean Halogen and incandescent. I think it's important to keep the electrical system as clean as possible.

If you buy LEDs from the store, for example you buy 10 bulbs like you said all the same make/model, then they should behave the same if they are from the same lot. I have seen bulbs vary from one lot to another lot - after a slight design change in the electronics of the bulb. So I would highly recommend testing each bulb with the Stetzerizer Meter. But even the Stetzerizer Meter doesn't show everything.

The Stetzerizer (also called Graham Stetzer) Filters will not filter RF radiation going through the air the originates from a wireless device that is purposely generating such radiation - such as a WiFi router, cordless phone system, cell tower, etc. For these types of devices we recommend eliminating any and all in the house. For signals coming from outside we like to measure and then we will consider shielding them depending on the levels and other things.

The filters can remove RF radiation that originates from certain things like power supplies, LED/CFL lighting, electronics, etc. These types of devices generate electrical "noise" or what is often called dirty electricity which can definitely get into the radiofrequency range and the filters can remove much of this.

But normally for RF radiation like microwave radiation (microwave ovens, cell towers, cell phones, wifi, bluetooth, baby monitors, cordless phones, smart meter communication signals, smart appliances, etc) you need to measure with an RF meter and if you can't get rid of or replace it (if it's coming from outside or something) then you would need to shield it.

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Great question - and the answer should please you. All Stetzerizer products (filters and meter) are covered by a 60-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like them, they don't help, you change your mind - it doesn't matter - you can return them for a full refund. You only pay the shipping costs (both ways - but this is very minimal).

We stand behind these with this rock solid guarantee because it is such a well-received product. We get very few returns.