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There are lots of electromagnetic exposures in the car that could affect sleep.  The lighting and display screens and blue light are one.  Microwave (radiofrequency) radiation from the Bluetooth, WiFi, etc built-in to the car is another.  You should measure with an RF Meter to see what the car is producing.

Another exposure can be lane assist/blind-spot assist (radar).  Then you have the ignition system and arcing (high frequencies) and alternator, and all of the metal moving parts in the engine compartment.  Lastly that I can think of for now would be steel-belted tires.

Cars are LOADED with unnatural EMF to summarize.  It could most certainly interfere with sleep among many other issues.

the Acousticom 2 will NOT measure 5G.  Since it only goes to 8Ghz that is far far far bwlow 5G frequencies which are around 30 Ghz

I totally agree that we (humans) don't really know what we're doing when it comes to generating all of these signals, and we're causing terrible harm to ourselves and all life on the planet because of it.  Great analogy of kids with a chemistry set.  This is far worse though.  Like kids with explosives, radioactive material, and mercury and arsenic.

You might consider a SineTamer instead of the Satic.  I've heard some really good things about them and we are starting to carry them.

The DNA filters are also good and I think when combined the RxDNA 3LF and RxDNA V2X are great.  They cover a large frequency range together.

This is common for the readings to vary at different times of day.  It can reflect goings-on on the power grid, people leaving for and returning from work, street lights, and other things.

So it's best to filter when things are the highest.  Then you will be protected when things are the worst.

We do not use DD-WRT, but our firmware does support CTF (cut-through-forwarding). It must be enabled (default is off) by going to Advanced > Miscellaneous.

However, some other advanced features could interfere with CTF on this router. Features such as QoS could disabled the CTF.

We don't offer a whole lot of support via phone or Internet for advanced features like this, but the router does support this one :)  We will certainly try to help you how we may.

Just make sure your cord is grounded properly at ONE end (we recommend the end that plugs into the computer) where the user is located.  So make sure the other end is isolated - you can use one of our isolators for that if it is plugging into a metal switch or router that is already grounded for example.

Yes, that's correct the cables we sell will both perform the same for EMF.  We cannot recommend or speak to other cables, because there are many designs for cable construction and shielding.  We have seen some very bad designs out there that will not do a good job for EMF/EMR/EMI purposes, even though they are labeled Cat6 or Cat7.  So best to stick with our cables.

Just make sure you properly ground the cable at ONE end.  We recommend grounding at the end near you - where your computer or device is.  Then the other end can plug into a plastic port on a switch or router.  If you have a metal switch/router, then we recommend using the ethernet isolator at the switch/router.  For laptops that have either plastic Ethernet jacks (ungroundable) or NO Ethernet jack at all, the Ultimate grounding USB to Ethernet adapter is the way to go.

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