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This is not something we have measured.  Different models may operated/behave differently and at different frequencies.  Do you happen to know the frequencies they use for data transmission?  Most likely the meters are producing microsurge electrical pollution (dirty electricity/emi) as they most likely use a switch mode power supply.  The filters will help with that issue.

This is the way to do it - we will update this if things change!

This "test" looks very suspicious to me.  I have not heard of this group (probably a one-man show), nor the man who did the testing.  I read the entire thing, and I'm left absolutely skeptical and not compelled to believe the product has any benefits.

I would like to see studies done with animals, blood tests, double-blind, etc.  This doesn't look like anything real.

You no doubt have elevated electric fields because of the lack of an equipment grounding conductor ("ground") in all of your cables and going to your junction boxes like outlets and lights and everything.  This does increase electric field a lot. There are also some advantages, believe it or not.

The Stetzerizer Filters are still recommended to try.  They will not make it grounded, of course, only rewiring and running appropriate grounds by a licensed electrician would be recommended to make that happen properly.  But the filters are still recommended - they deal with the "hot" and "neutral" anyways and do not mess with or touch ground.  That's how we want it.

You can also shut off circuits with the Deluxe cutoff kit.  This greatly, GREATLY will reduce electric fields and is recommended for sleeping areas.

We got a little held up with development of a new physical product - one that is featured in the Networking book - so that has held up the publishing of the first version.  However, I will have it finished in the very near future - before the end of July.  We will keep you informed - thank you!!

DC on water pipes is not something we normally test for.  Having no experience in this area - I am unable to provide any information to you on it.  In 11 years I haven't really heard anyone talk about that either.

We haven't tested that specific unit, but my bet would be that you cannot turn off all the wireless signals from it - so I would avoid it or be ready to test it with a good RF meter and return it to the store immediately if ALL the wireless signals cannot be disabled.

There are code requirements and also certification, such as UL listing, requirements.  They apply to the type of cable AND how it is being used.  I haven't run pricing comparisons to be honest.  You might also take into consideration if you may sell the house, insurance requirements, and other important things.  Using non-approved cabling "at your own risk" as it most definitely would be also may come with huge problems for resale and insurance.  That's why we do not and cannot accept liability for what people do, and that's why we have such a strong hold harmless and indemnity agreement attached to all sales.

That being said, we haven't had any customers have any problems with cabling.  In nearly 11 years, we have had a few manufacturing defects on Stetzerizer and other meters/etc from other companies.  There have never been any injuries at all, and never any property damage worth mentioning besides a small mark or broken product that the manufacturer covered.  We are all about health and safety goes hand-in-hand with health.  It's a shame the rest of the industry is worried ONLY about safety and liability and not about long-term health :(