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Restocking fee for non-Stetzerizer brand products is up to 20% at our discretion.

All consumer networking components use standard Ethernet (RJ-45) port.  There is no exception to this.  So it'll work :)

Yes, just keep all of the cords and the box in like-new condition please, and you can return it within 30 days per our standard return policy, and we will refund it minus our standard restocking, or you can exchange it for something else and avoid the restocking fee usually.  We haven't had a single return on the routers yet though - I think you'll be very happy with it :D

Does the printer have a 3-prong power cord?  If so, it is already grounded.  Or if the printer is hooked up via USB to a desktop computer, it is also already grounded.  If not, or if it is hooked to a laptop computer, you can use our USB Grounding Adapter to ground the printer.

It should work fine in the UK.  The router's power supply supports all voltages.  You would need an inexpensive little plug adapter.  We have them here and can include in your order if you put it in your order notes.  We would be happy to throw one of those in there for free.  Thank you for taking the time to ask your question!

All Internet connections require a gateway/modem device and then a router.  ISPs (Internet Service Providers) usually provide a combination modem/router unit where the two devices are built into one unit.

For cable Internet, it's best to buy a cable modem aftermarket.  For DSL it *may* be more difficult to buy an aftermarket modem - we would have to do some more research into this.  Sometimes you can keep the modem your ISP provided you, and disable all of the wireless from it so that it is completely quiet.  ONLY do this if you have a radiofrequency (RF) meter to verify that the wireless has, in fact, been completely disabled.

Then you could simply plug our R7 router into that.  It is just plug-and-play.  The R7 router's wired gigabit Interface supports up to 1000 megabits or 1 gigabit speeds.  The wireless supports high speed as well, far higher than your DSL service could ever dream of providing for you.  So your DSL will be holding you back not the router, if that makes sense.

Thank you for your question!

Our router is a plug-and-play router.  It has no software and requires no software to be installed on client devices.  We have not tested the unit with an Apple Extreme Base Station, but it should work.  Our router can be configured to be a repeated/etc.  Testing is recommended, and wiring a connection between the main router and any other routers is recommended as well.  We have only tested the router as a standalone single-router setup.  The firmware we use - DD-WRT - supports these advanced features of using multiple routers.

We fixed the backorder status - that was a mistake on the website.  You may now checkout with the phone consulting.  Sorry for the confusion there!

I am available Thursday, and then Friday afternoon, but then I will be out of town for one week.  This issue will definitely take some focused attention, so the phone consulting is perfect.  You can email us at to setup the time for the session.  Thank you!!

Cable TV/Internet Coaxial cables are already shielded.  We do not carry those types of cables.  But we do carry very high quality shielded Ethernet cables - so those are highly recommended to replace all Ethernet cables you may already be using.

Do you have any further questions?  We would be happy to help!

Did you try going through all of the on-screen settings for the devices?  I do not have much experience with Dish equipment, so I can't speak to how to get this off.  The best advice for now would be to shut it off via complete power disconnect (use one of these if you need to) at all times while you are not using it, and as a temporary measure wrap it with lots of shielding cloth.  3 feet of cloth would allow you to wrap it in a few layers for sure.  Make sure it isn't getting too hot, but it should be OK (anything you do is at your own risk).  We've never had or heard of a customer or any member of the public starting a fire with shielding cloth however.