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Does your current modem/router combo unit have metal trim and tabs around the ports?  It would be silver metal (steel) all around the border of the ports, with small like tabs that go into the ports.  If so, then ONE grounding adapter will ground all ports, and you should just use our heavy duty shielded Ethernet cables that we carry.

If your modem/router combo unit does NOT have this metal around the ports, pick up a switch (5, 8, or 16 port) that does have this metal.  Like this one:

A switch like this can be grounded.  If you hook up a desktop computer, the desktop computer will already ground it. Or you can use one of our Ethernet Grounding Adapters and the entire switch will become grounded - all ports :)

Here is a similar switch made by D-Link:

You bet - it is a standard RJ45 jack compatible with cat5/cat5e/cat6/cat6a/cat7

The coupler is rated for cat6a - which is more than plenty for 10 gigabit speeds.

That is correct - we are located in one of the several states of the USA.  Rockford is the city, Illinois is the state to be exact.  Our mailing/shipping address is:

RMA [insert authorization number from us here]

1643 N Alpine Rd

Ste 104-221

Rockford, IL  61107

I would recommend sending in legal notices such as the kind found at or alternatively .

After sending in legal notices, many customers of ours simply install their own analog meter that they purchase from us here:

The best advice is to be absolutely steadfast in your refusal of the smart meter.  Let them politely but sternly know there is absolutely no way you will accept or take one of the smart meters.  Never give up and keep fighting and you will win.

The shielded surge suppressor is designed to block or "trap"  the high voltage electric field which contains dirty electricity.  So based on measurements and our understanding of dirty electricity - we believe it greatly helps reduce exposure.  So we always recommend the shielded surge suppressor and EHS-Shield cords for areas where occupants spend time nearby.

It is still recommended to use filters.  Your Stetzerizer Meter readings won't be lower there simply because of the shielded surge suppressor.  It is still recommended to use filters as well.  So for desks or other areas where a power strip is within 10 feet I would recommend using the shielded surge suppressor and the filters together.

Yes it does - one contactor in included with the kit.  This allows you to do up to 4 circuits (all on one "zone").  If you want to add more zones, or more circuits, simply add extra contactors to your order in the product option when you add it to the cart :)

When devices are turned on/off in the house, it changes the properties of the electrical system.  So often times an empty house can have higher numbers than a house with ordinary devices plugged-in.  However, certain devices like dimmers, computers, LED or CFL bulbs, etc can make much higher readings yet and be hazardous, as many people believe and evidence has shown.

The answer is yes - power coming in from the grid is never completely clean.  It contains high frequencies that will interact with the wiring and devices inside your home.  There is a guide to installing Stetzerizer Filtesr where the power enters:

Installing Stetzerizer Filters at Main Circuit Breaker Panel

We don't sell UK adapters with the ground prong.  So you would need to find a UK adapter that changes it to 3-prong US adapter.  The effect of the adapter in Europe is different, because you have a different power distribution system.  In the US we have more of a problem with high frequencies traveling through solid objects (desks, floors, chairs, people, the ground itself - dirt, etc).  In Europe you don't have this problem as much.  The adapter would still ground your laptop and may offer benefits, but it's very different than in the US.

Yes, you would just need a plug adapter because the PxDNA is supplied with a US (North American) style 2-prong plug.  But voltage and frequency - it will work fine in Japan with that voltage :)