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in california, can you put on your own analog meter and how is it accomplished?

ela 6 months ago 0

have had three "analog meters" replacing an "analog meter with a stealth transmitter".  all three analog meters have RF frequencies 30 times of the bioinitiatve report.  body wants a non electrical meter.  what is i the process.  thank you.


Which EMF Products Work and Which Don't?

Shaun A Kranish (Principal) 4 years ago • updated by Lydia 1 year ago 3
We are so often asked "what works and what doesn't?" There are products out there such as pendants, crystals, harmonizers, magnets, chips, diodes, neutralizers, resonators, scalar technology, and other things that are supposed to "neutralize" the negative effects of EMF. Do these really work? Do we recommend or endorse any of them?

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is it measurable? Can I measure what this device is doing? Does it measurably affect fields or emissions put out by other devices? Does it reduce anything?
  2. Is there real (quality) science behind it? (eg. independent studies - not done by a paid company/consultants/lab; published in respected peer-reviewed publications; double-blind human studies OR studies done on animals; repeatable/repeated)

Examples of Highly Questionable "Protection" Products

An example of these products are things like Earth Calm or (Earthcalm). We have not seen any measurements that show Earthcalm does anything. We haven't seen any measurements that show it produces or puts anything out, or that it counteracts anything that is put out by other devices. We also have not seen any real science behind it. If you have - you are welcome to post it as a reply to this topic. Here is one video that opens up an Earthcalm device (we are not affiliated with the video or video maker):

Other examples are Q-Link or QLink, TotalShield or Total Shield or Total EMF Shield, Aulterra, BioPro, Orgone, Orgonite, Safe Space, and many others. In fact, there are so many things like this out there we cannot name them all. So please carefully apply the above questions when looking at EMF protection.

Sham EMF Products that Plug-In

What's also interesting, is some of these companies now make a plug-in device that goes into outlets. No doubt they are taking advantage of the success of the Stetzerizer Filters - which actually measurably reduce high frequencies on the lines - and hope that people will think their product is somehow comparable. But they are not. They are not a filter - like in the video above they appear to be a complete scam.

Real EMF Protection - Measurable Improvement

At ElectraHealth.com - our goal is to measurably reduce EMF exposure. We have had customers that say products like the ones listed above have helped. We have also had customers that say products like Earthcalm or TotalShield made them feel worse, that it definitely did "something" but they didn't like it. So, perhaps some of these products ARE doing something - but some could simply be cheap pieces of plastic sold to you at extremely high markup. It could also be purely psychosomatic. That is why we do NOT recommend or endorse any of these types of products.

What are other experts saying on this topic?

http://createhealthyhomes.com/cellphone_chips.php - Oram Miller, Certified Building Biologist
http://www.electricsense.com/6648/emf-protection-scams-chips-diodes-neutralizers-pendants-amulets/ Lloyd Burrell, Author - ElectricSense.com

Smart Meter Home Building Code Location Restrictions?

Jimbohen 1 month ago • updated by Shaun A Kranish (Principal) 4 weeks ago 4

NV Energy slyly stole my analog meter and replaced it with a smart meter when I wasn't home and they never even notified me of this. Two company reps, not techs, were apparently visiting homeowners attempting to get us to authorize this swap out. However, I politely but flatly refused to have a deadly irradiation smart meter implanted on my home. Because I'm not ready to take the dirt nap just to serve the globalist, leftist, deep state, elites genocidal depopulation agenda. Call me crazy!

My home's 34 years old and it was very poorly designed and built with the electrical panel/meter on the exterior side of my master bedroom headboard wall. Thus, my heads been right up next to it while sleeping until I just recently moved my bed. Presumably, this wasn't a building code violation way back then. However, hasn't it been changed/revised since then? At least since the proliferation of these very harmful irradiating dumb meters if not even prior to that? Thanks for any and all responses.


what modem should i use with the Nighthawk AC 1900 router?

Jerry Ruff 2 months ago • updated by Shaun A Kranish (Principal) 4 weeks ago 4

Do you have any tutorials on how to put new shielded Ethernet plugs on the ends of cable? I bought a 100’ long shielded Ethernet cable, but taking it in and out of my laptop made the plug break after a while. It’s too expensive to keep buying new 100’

Felicia Hobert 3 months ago • updated by poplar green 3 months ago 2

Do you have any tutorials on how to put new shielded Ethernet plugs on the ends of cable? I bought a 100’ long shielded Ethernet cable, but taking it in and out of my laptop made the plug break after a while. It’s too expensive to keep buying new 100’ cables, and its wasteful.  I know there are YouTube videos out there, but as we know, many ppl do things wrong and then EMFs are created.  Can u point me to a safe tutorial?  Thanks.  I bought the shielded metal ends from our local Microcenter store in MN.


The problem with the ends is that, especially with shielded cable, they are rather picky.  Certain ends work well with certain wires, and not with others.  Some ends are designed for stranded wire, such as the wire in our cables, and other ends are designed for solid wire.  In addition to that, you need the tools - a good crimper - and there is usually a learning curve associated with properly terminating RJ-45 connectors.  Shielded cable is even tougher to terminate properly and make sure you have good connections with the data conductors and also the shielding.

My recommendation to avoid wearing out of the ends would be to get one of our shielded couplers here: https://www.stetzerizer-us.com/Cat6A-Premium-Shielded-Ethernet-Coupler_p_163.html

Then use a shorter length cord for the frequent plugging in/out of the cable.  I mean we haven't had anyone else experience a cable wear-out that I know of, but this would be the solution to avoid such a scenario.  I would recommend doing this and forget about trying to terminate your own ends on there as it would probably be very difficult to achieve.

We don't have any videos on this, but no doubt there are countless videos on RJ-45 termination on the Internet.  I don't know how many would involve shielded wiring though.