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Is it possible to block 5g

Dwain 3 years ago 0

in california, can you put on your own analog meter and how is it accomplished?

ela 5 years ago 0

have had three "analog meters" replacing an "analog meter with a stealth transmitter".  all three analog meters have RF frequencies 30 times of the bioinitiatve report.  body wants a non electrical meter.  what is i the process.  thank you.

Under review

Question about the groundable Naturell Ultra Canopy

Erin 2 years ago updated by Shaun A Kranish (Principal) 1 year ago 3

Hi Shaun

I'm planning to buy one of your Swiss Naturell Ultra externally conductive groundable queen sized canopies. I already have 2 of your ethernet/computer/multiport grounds that are fabulous, and 2 of your power strips. About to buy more, plus your cool wall usb recharger with grounded outlets.

Just a couple questions about the canopy. I already use a Dream Canopy, grounded. But I have concerns about future flaking and durability - and I need a 2nd canopy that I can travel with without tearing my whole set-up apart every time. I plan to use the Ultra as my home canopy.

The grounding is important as I have stray electricity from the school across the street at night. The Dream Canopy does mostly work (although I have to clip a horizontal sheet grounded to the inside of the closed canopy about 2 feet above the mattress in the same plane - because I get voltage inside the canopy.)

1. So the surface of the Ultra must be metal to be groundable, right? I can put a gator clip on it anywhere and ground to that, right?

2. If the metal is exposed, is there any question of flaking in the future?

3. Do you think it will ground as well as the dream canopy? (Sorry I know you don't sell this and I couldn't find out on the net what the thing is actually made of!)

4. Is the Ultra pretty breathable?

5. I use a furniture grade pvc tubing frame that the canopy hangs over. Any reason I couldn't hang the ultra over a frame?

I use a floor sheet, and a wire to an outside ground separate from the regular house ground. I shut off all the fuses to the room. I've got wireless emf under control, but nighttime voltage is still somewhat a work in progress.

Hope this makes sense. I live in the middle of a large city, loaded with emf. I know very little about electricity, just what I read - lots of trial and error. I've got a gigahertz electric/mag meter but tend to rely on my trifield. An early purchase of some non-groundable swiss naturell material was a really expensive mistake! It's a big learning curve.



Example ad of "EMF Pendant" - perfect example of what not to buy

Shaun A Kranish (Principal) 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 0

This came to my email today, and I could not let it go without commenting.  I really think we need to call people out on these types of products.  They really sent this to the wrong guy.  My comments are in BOLD RED with underline

Hi Shaun, Just a friendly reminder that this is your last chance to enjoy the Harmoni Pendant Black Friday sale... ...this past year, we have invited you to look into a clinically-proven pendant that offers on-the-go protection from Wi-Fi & EMF-caused cellular stress. Clinically-proven where?  By whom?  By their "study"?  This "study" is not peer-reviewed.  No information is available as to conflicts of interest of the people whose names are on this "study."  And many of you have taken our recommendation (yay!). We are SUPER excited to announce that this EMF-Protection is now available in GOLD! And, best part, because you're part of our online community... You have received an invitation to an Exclusive Natural Living Family Black Friday Sale for the next 24 hours! Act today to get an extra 20% off... You cannot find this deal anywhere else on the Internet. It's a Natural Living Family exclusive.  Where is the double-blind placebo research?  Just like sugar pills can affect ailments, because the mind has such an effect on the body and on itself when we think we are doing something to help ourselves, so can other products.  This is why real research is always done in a double-blind manner.  The subject and the person administering the drug/item to the subject must not know whether or not it is the real, or the fake placebo.  EMF products like this could easily be put into a plastic shell so that no one would know.  A dummy weighted version could be made with the same weight and feel and look.  That is how REAL SCIENCE is done!


Yep, it's that time of year. Christmas decorations are popping up everywhere, and people are starting to freak out about the Holidays.

As supply chain issues threaten to cut off many of the comforts (and necessities) that we've relied upon to enjoy an abundant life...

...we invite you be a proactive this year and take advantage of the Harmoni Pendant's annual Black Friday deal before they run out of stock.  

What is the Harmoni Pendant?

It’s a stunning necklace that lowers stress levels & protects you from the radiation (EMFs) that cellphone towers, wifi routers, bluetooth, and other similar technologies emit.  There is no measurable difference in EMF/EMR/EMI exposure due to this pendant.  No one can measure it with an instrument.  Why waste your money on something that could be feel-good only - something that lacks credible evidence to show it actually has effects?  There are plenty of things you can do for yourself and your loved-ones to actually reduce exposure - measurably.  Give a gift of something real - something measurable - to those who matter to you.  These "EMF" products like these pendants remind me of the old "snake oil" type health products from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.  Many/most are just the modern day version of it.  I am convinced these are all hype, all show - I see no credible or compelling evidence.  I view these types of products as a monumental waste of money, a false sense of security, and a hindrance to one actually getting results by measurably reducing one's exposure, which is what we should all do.

This type of EMF radiation has skyrocketed over the last few decades.

It’s growing and more people are becoming concerned about it.

In fact, over 240 scientists & doctors from 41 nations who have told the United Nations we need URGENT ACTION to reduce EMF exposure. I've personally spoken to some of the signatories on this plea to the UN WHO.  I've personally spoken to them about these types of products.  They don't work - they've still seen nothing like this that works!  I wish there were a device like this - I would buy it, use it.  I would sell it and share it with many people.  No doubt it would be a very, very profitable and lucrative addition to our business.  But since I have yet to be convinced of even a possibility of one of these potentially working by a small shred of compelling evidence, I don't waste my time or money on this stuff.  I am open to being proved wrong and convinced.  There may be something out there that does help, even if it can't be measured.  But nothing I've seen, including this one, is the least bit convincing.

And they wrote the FCC about the roll-out of new technologies—citing the serious risks to human health and the environment.

Did anything happen? NOPE—because the technologies that emit EMF radiation are TRILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRIES.

That’s why you’re on your own when it comes to EMF protection.

You have to look for ways to shield yourself & there’s no better way to do that than with a gorgeous Harmoni Pendant.

Save BIG on this BEAUTIFUL EMF stress reducing pendant during Harmoni's once-a-year Black Friday sale.

There are so many problems with elevated EMF exposure, it’s hard to know where to start...

EMF exposure can exacerbate:

  • Brain fog, poor memory, focus & concentration
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches & pain
  • Sadness & depression
  • Stress, anxiety & panic attacks
  • Sleeping issues
  • Weight gain & sluggish metabolism

Plus, many more health problems — as you’ll discover on this page.

There are many ways to mitigate EMFs in your home.

But the EMF-emitting devices in your home only represent a TINY FRACTION of the EMF you’re exposed to on a daily basis.  I would disagree.  The EMF/EMR/EMI in your home from home wiring, electronics/appliances, lighting, and wireless devices makes up the majority of the EMF/EMR/EMI that one is exposed to.  These are where the MEASUREMENTS are the highest.  The home is also where we spend most of our time.  While some of the info in this email is correct, this statement above about home exposure being only a "small fraction" is completely incorrect.  It will vary person-to-person, but most people will get the majority of their exposure in their own homes if they do not take steps to mitigate and reduce that exposure.

The truth is, we’re bathing in EMF around the clock:

  • Your neighbor’s WiFi (just click the WiFi icon on your computer... and depending on where you live, you’ll probably see 5... 10... even 15+ WiFi routers in range)
  • EMF-emitting satellites. 100,000 will be in the sky in the next two years.
  • Cell phone towers that reach into your home & everywhere in your city (including new towers & “range extenders” that are being added aggressively now)
  • “Smart meters” that measure your electricity usage emit massive amounts of EMF into your home (even if you don’t have one, your neighbor’s smart meters are wifrying you!)
  • The “dirty electricity” in most walls (the electricity in most homes and apartments was NOT designed with health in mind & those wires emit toxic dirty electricity that can make you sick.)
  • Connected devices that send EMF via Bluetooth & WiFi (billions are being created annually; even if you don’t use connected devices, those around you do!)

The list is literally ENDLESS.

So is the list of things you can actually do to help yourself and others.  Ground your laptop.  Try filters for dirty electricity.  Use shielded, grounded cords.  Move electronics and cords farther away from you.  Replace your WiFi router with our low-emission router (measurably reduces radiation from the router by more than 95%).  Cord up TVs and computers and devices rather than connect them via WiFi.  Disable the WiFi on those devices manually.  Measure to verify what you've done with your devices worked.  Turn the mobile/cellular data off on your cell phone when not needed.  Use energy-saving halogen bulbs instead of LED or CFL bulbs.  Turn off the power to your bedroom manually or use a cutoff kit.  And there is much, much more!  Give us a call at 1-815-986-7974 for real help.

And with more of these devices becoming a part of daily life, wearing an EMF protection device — like a Harmoni Pendant — is the easiest, most practical option.

They’re also the most stylish option.

Not only do they offer superior EMF protection...

Not only are they amazing for stress relief, improving sleep & boosting energy levels…

Above all — they’re a gorgeous piece of jewelry.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift idea for the Holidays, this is it!

These pendants are completely unique & made from the same materials as high end jewelry.

===> Check out these STUNNING, EMF stress reducing necklaces while they’re still on sale.

There is no doubt some of these products look and sound good.  They've spent a ton of money on marketing and image, and time collaborating with other people to get anecdotal testimonials and endorsements.  But are any of these things what you want to stake your health on?  A good-looking picture, a good-sounding testimonial, a celebrity endorsement?  For your only body and health?  I don't recommend it.

Bella Harmoni Pendant

Our kids LOVE wearing their EMF-protecting Harmoni Pendant (Mama Z put it on her amber bead necklace). We all wear them! :-)

Beautiful family, and I wish you all the best health and wellness.  I cannot condone, and this time choose not to stand idly by, the marketing and promotion of products that make no measurable change in exposure and have not been double-blind tested, peer-reviewed, and therefore give us evidence - real compelling evidence - that they work.  When this email arrived in my inbox, I knew I could not stay silent on it.  I'm calling you out, and hope that you will stop selling products until there is compelling evidence that they actually do something.  HRV, thermal images, and other tests done but not using the scientific method, not peer-reviewed, not blinded or double-blinded is hogwash.  It looks like all marketing to me - not actual research or science.

These pendants help you protect yourself from EMF radiation, without having to change your life.

  • You DON’T have to give up your cell phone or WiFi...
  • You DON’T have to wear tinfoil hats or live in the woods...
  • You DON’T even have to explain to people what it is (because they look like a gorgeous piece of jewelry)...

It’s been a lifesaver for everyone I know who’s tried it.

We can’t imagine a better gift to give someone for the Holidays than a Harmoni pendant.

==> Try out this breakthrough solution.

If you want a pendant — hurry!

Because these necklaces are essentially a high end piece of jewelry, there is limited supply…

And Harmoni Pendants sell quickly!

Don’t miss out.

You get EARLY Bird Access to an exclusive Natural Living Family Black Friday Sale for the next 24 hours!

Act today to get an extra 20% off...

You cannot find this deal anywhere else on the Internet.

It's a Natural Living Family exclusive.

As always, our hope & prayer is that YOU experience the abundant life.

~ Dr. Z & Mama Z

Abundant life is possible and is realized for many.  Making good choices habitually is a great way to increase the chances of health, wealth, meaning, and happiness.  A pendant is not a good choice, nor the type of choice one would want to turn into a habit.  Now is the time to measure and reduce exposure, and help others do the same.  This approach is proven and works.  It is what Building Biology does.  It is what environmental medicine does.  Not gimmicks.  Not a feel-good pill that won't help you actually be good.

You can choose the easy, feel-good approach, or the approach that works.  Foolishness or wisdom.

Under review

Walls have huge electric fields (thousands of V/m)

Rossana 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 5

I live in an old apartment complex in Minnesota. I measured the EMF in my walls and in the walls of a neighbor whose unit is very far from mine. In both cases, even with no appliances plugged in at all (other than the refrigerator) the EFs range from hundreds to thousands of V/m. Even setting all the circuit breakers to Off only partly lowers them. They are still hundreds of V/m even with all circuit breakers off. The magnetic fields are also much higher than 1 mG when I place the meter on the walls.

The Stetzerizer Microsurge meter shows every outlet is from several hundred to two thousand. I bought 14 Stetzerizer filters and placed them all over my apartment, including in the many outlets where nothing is plugged. While I can get the Stetzerizer meter value down considerably, the electric and magnetic fields at the walls are unchanged, even without a single appliance plugged in.

I don't know what to do, the managers of my apartment complex ignored every request to send a competent electrician. I even tried making a video of the meters but they dismiss the problem, ignoring my messages. Do these EMF values mean wiring errors? Do I have any legal power to have the apartment complex fix those? I had a young cat drop dead without apparent reason in my apartment and my neighbor had a young rabbit. At night we sometimes hear a sizzling noise like standing under power lines, however the power lines are not close to the apartment complex. Something seems very wrong with the walls. I measured the EMF at work and at my gym and the walls are only few V/m at most.

Thank you so much in advance for any suggestions!


How do the DNA filters you offer compare to the Power Perfect Filters by Satic?

kathy 4 years ago updated by Shaun A Kranish (Principal) 4 years ago 3

How to block magnetic field under home office desk

AMR 5 years ago 0

The mains electric line runs directly under my home office, under my built in desk, and on the floor reads up to 12-15mG, and then connects to the main breaker panel about 10m away. I am sitting here for hours every day. I assume this is not good. What can I do? Move rooms... can be done, but I have a beautiful fitted office. Is there a material I can put on the floor under a rug? Can anything be done to stop the field electrically? Many thanks.


Which EMF Products Work and Which Don't?

Shaun A Kranish (Principal) 8 years ago updated 3 years ago 4

We are so often asked "what works and what doesn't?" There are products out there such as pendants, crystals, harmonizers, magnets, chips, diodes, neutralizers, resonators, scalar technology, and other things that are supposed to "neutralize" the negative effects of EMF. Do these really work? Do we recommend or endorse any of them?

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is it measurable? Can I measure what this device is doing? Does it measurably affect fields or emissions put out by other devices? Does it reduce anything?
  2. Is there real (quality) science behind it? (eg. independent studies - not done by a paid company/consultants/lab; published in respected peer-reviewed publications; double-blind human studies OR studies done on animals; repeatable/repeated).  The science must be credible and compelling.

Examples of Highly Questionable "Protection" Products

An example of these products are things like Earth Calm or (Earthcalm). We have not seen any measurements that show Earthcalm does anything. We haven't seen any measurements that show it produces or puts anything out, or that it counteracts anything that is put out by other devices. We also have not seen any real science behind it. If you have - you are welcome to post it as a reply to this topic. Here is one video that opens up an Earthcalm device (we are not affiliated with the video or video maker):

Youtube video

Other examples are Q-Link or QLink, TotalShield or Total Shield or Total EMF Shield, Aulterra, BioPro, Orgone, Orgonite, Safe Space, and many others. In fact, there are so many things like this out there we cannot name them all. So please carefully apply the above questions when looking at EMF protection.

Sham EMF Products that Plug-In

What's also interesting, is some of these companies now make a plug-in device that goes into outlets. No doubt they are taking advantage of the success of the Stetzerizer Filters - which actually measurably reduce high frequencies on the lines - and hope that people will think their product is somehow comparable. But they are not. They are not a filter - like in the video above they appear to be a complete scam.

Real EMF Protection - Measurable Improvement

At ElectraHealth.com - our goal is to measurably reduce EMF exposure. We have had customers that say products like the ones listed above have helped. We have also had customers that say products like Earthcalm or TotalShield made them feel worse, that it definitely did "something" but they didn't like it. So, perhaps some of these products ARE doing something - but some could simply be cheap pieces of plastic sold to you at extremely high markup. It could also be purely psychosomatic. That is why we do NOT recommend or endorse any of these types of products.

What are other experts saying on this topic?

http://createhealthyhomes.com/cellphone_chips.php - Oram Miller, Certified Building Biologist
http://www.electricsense.com/6648/emf-protection-scams-chips-diodes-neutralizers-pendants-amulets/ Lloyd Burrell, Author - ElectricSense.com