How to Become an Affiliate

Affiliate System Signup and Basic Use

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Are you wondering how to become and affiliate and sign up for our affiliate program? It's easy, and you can be finished in minutes and begin earning commission right away!  Over the years, we have paid out huge sums to many affiliates.  We currently pay 7% commission on the total item sale (does not include shipping cost).  This is a very lucrative way to help people get better, prevent and avoid health challenges in their lives, and live well.

We use professional 3rd party software to manager our affiliate system. To begin, visit

Your username is your email. You will use your email as your username to login in the future to view your statistics such as clicks, sales, etc.

Put in your first and last name.

Referral ID = you can make this whatever you want - numbers and letters - up to 20 characters. This referral ID will be used in all of your affiliate links - this how our system knows who sent us the business. You can use your initials, or company name, or random characters. Whatever you feel most comfortable using.

Web Url is your website. If you do not have one yet, type in something like

Now just put in your address and phone and click Signup to be finished!!

Now check your email - you will have received a welcome email showing your username (your email) and a password that the system generated for you.

Visit this link:

Put in your username (email) and the password shown in the welcome email. Now you are logged in and you can see your "general" or generic affiliate link which will look like this:

Linking to Specific Pages on Our Site

A great feature of our affiliate system is you can send web traffic to specific pages on our website. You don't have to just send them to our home page. You can send them to information pages, news articles, or directly to product pages. It's very simple - here is how you do it.

1) Find a page you would like to send people to.

2) Copy the URL (web address) of that page.

3) Paste it somewhere (such as on your own website or in an email).

4) Add the code ?a_aid=1 to the end of it - replacing 1 with your own custom referral ID.

For example, let's say you want to send people to the Large Stetzerizer Combo Pack page. You go to our website, click on that combo pack. Copy and paste the URL:

Now simply add the ?a_aid=yourreferralidhere

Such as

That's all there is to it!!

Advanced Link Tracking (optional)

Our powerful affiliate system also supports an advanced link tracking for advanced users.  Affiliates who operate large websites, multiple web pages, social media, email marketing, etc can take advantage of a feature: the ability to create sublinks (or channels) so you can see exactly which page, article, or individual link people are using to get to us and order.

Sublinks work exactly as the links above, with a small additional code.

The additional code is: &chan=blahblahmakeoneuphere

after the = sign you can put whatever you like.  Describing the page or the link/article/video you are using the link in is helpful.  For example:

You can make up whatever you want for the channel.  This will be visible in your affiliate account and you can see how many clicks and purchases were made through that channel/sublink.  Rather than all of your sales showing up together, you can now see which link(s) of yours are performing the best and being effective.

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