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Return Policies and Procedures

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How do I return my order?  What is your return policy?  Can I exchange or return some of my order?  Here are the answers:

Our official return policy is published and updated here:

Please refer to the above publication which is updated and published regularly.  The below info is additional helpful information.  Also, there are many frequently-asked questions about products, and sometimes issues that come up that have been answered and solutions are available for right now.  What's going on with your order?  Type the question here: and you may be surprised at what instantly comes up.

1) Contact us for authorization

If you would like to make a return, the recommended method is through the support website - submitting a message.  This creates a ticket, to which we will respond.  Or you can send an email directly to - this will also create a ticket in our system.  Lastly, you can also call us if you would like and we would be happy to assist you on the phone if we are available at the time, or as quickly as possible if you leave a voice message.

Once you contact us, we will double-check your order to make sure you are within the return period, or go over any specific needs you have, questions, or out-of-the-ordinary situations that may have arisen.  We will do our best to serve you and treat you as we would like to be treated.  We will authorize your return.  It is important not to ship until you receive authorization from us, as the package could be rejected/returned to sender, the return could be rejected, or other complications.

2) Ensure you return all materials and package carefully

It really helps when all materials are returned in like-new condition.  Our returns are extremely low-rate compared to most stores, but for the occasional return we receive it is usually a change of mind or mistaken item.  This allows us to re-sell the item when it is in like-new condition.  If the item is missing boxes, instruction booklets, or has damage or other markings, that can make things difficult for everyone.  We like to keep our costs down for you, our customer.

When shipping products back, especially the Stetzerizer Filters, please ensure they are packaged very carefully.  Using bubble wrap, or wrapping in clean paper (don't use newspaper) helps a great deal.  Shipping companies throw boxes - if the box is packed tightly and filled all the way with packing material, it helps prevent the items from moving and scratching one another or bumping into one another.

3) Include your name, address, phone and order number(if possible) inside the package

We need to know who we got the package from.  Order number isn't required, but at the very least name, address, and phone number should be included inside the package.  If there are any special instructions or issues with the item(s), please include those on a sheet of paper as well.  Thank you so much!

6) Shipping address and insurance (optional)

If the return is due to our fault (mistaken item/order, faulty item, etc) we will pay for the return shipping and will provide you with a prepaid label.  For all other returns, the customer pays the return shipping.  Insurance is optional.  Our receiving location is covered by many video cameras for records.  We haven't had lost/stolen/damaged packages when it comes to returns, but bear in mind we are not responsible for the package until it is delivered safely to us. Returns

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