Your comments

Hi Shaun and Seth,
Thanks so much for your response. Very helpful and I have a lot of confidence in your advice.
I’m putting together my order now.

Three quick questions.
1. I don’t see the grounding plates you recommend on your website. How do I order them? 

2. Also I don’t see other grounding wires - gator and also plug. Do you sell them?

3, My current floor sheet is that copper coated taffeta. I decided to buy an Ultra ground sheet. 
I might leave the copper sheet where it is    (under a rug and not exposed)   and put the Ultra on top, both grounded, to increase the conductivity. Is that silly?

I’m going to break the order into two, one on a business card and one on a personal card. But they’ll ship the same. 

1x queen ultra net,  1x queen floor,  2x ground plates on one card.   On the other:

3x grounded power strips, 2x wall 7-outlet/usb chargers, 1x ultimate ethernet w/ USB hub, 3”, 10” and 14 “ ethernet cables, 3x gator to plug, 3x gator to gator

Once I know how to order the plates and grounding wires, I’ll place my orders on your site.

My plan is to set up my new canopy, test it for a bit - and then schedule a consult with Shaun to work out any kinks. That might take me a couple months to implement. 

Thanks again for your work,