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Thank you very much!  I already reached out and Mike Z. will be here on Nov. 16th!  


Just wanted to follow up on this.  To give a little more background, we are trying to reduce the amount of dirty electricity in our home and potentially have some DE filters installed as well.  We had a professional EMF evaluation done on our home after I started experiencing some concerning health effects and the report concluded that dirty electricity levels are considered high throughout our home.  I'm also interested in installing a meter pedestal with a 100AMP disconnect breaker depending on the cost.  Currently our electrical panel sits directly below our bedroom.  Hopefully this is enough information to get started.  If there is an electrician you would recommend who is familiar with DE I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you!

Hi Shaun,

I am trying to upgrade an electrical panel within my home and have an electrical audit done.  I have electro sensitivity.  I've spoken to 2 electricians who don't even know what an electrical audit is unfortunately.  Appreciate any help.