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The Meter Itself is the “Hazardous Condition”

By William Bathgate, Electrical Engineer October 12th, 2016 Revised October 13th, 2016 Editor’s Note: In the fol...
Here is a great article you may not have seen yet by William Bathgate, 40 year electrical and mechanical engineer for Telecom. He is taking now smart meter info
to Michigan Board. The analog meters he knows about have a transmitter in them and he said, as you have, they you have to get an RF transmitter "checker" to see if the utility company is transmitting. The receiver, he says, stays on all the time.
I can't remember what I wrote so long ago, but I think I poorly worded the question. Here is my question:  Can I just put an analog meter on my house and then call the company to tell them?  I am assuming I have to call. I wonder what would happen if I didn't?    I wonder if an alternative would be to buy my own digital meter--one without a transmitter? 
I think the solution to this whole mess is to find alternative energy sources, like batteries. I course they might kill the inventor. I met someone here who uses a battery that he invented to power his whole house. The utility company has not bothered him.
By the way, you may have seen on the news that we have a huge power outage because of a storm. It blew down old oaks trees -188,000 without power. It has been over a week and still not every one has power. The smart meters did not restore people's power--we saw evidence of that if anyone was thinking they could
Thank you.
Carole Fincher, Memphis
Thank you.
Carole Fincher