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Thanks for your reply.  Yes, I have a 3-prong outlet - but the (ElectraHealth) 7-outlet grounded usb charging adapter is showing not grounded. (But the "protected" light is green.)

I also tested it with a Belkin metal power strip that I have that lights up when the outlet is grounded and protected. (With this one as well, only the "protected" light is green, but not the grounded light.)

Yes, the house is old. 

Luckily, since I moved into the house 12 years ago, I hardly ever used the outlet.

If I continue to not use the outlet or have anything plugged into it, is this still a huge concern? (I have no need for the outlet.)

Do I have some time before I fix it, or can this ungrounded outlet be creating more harmful than normal charges even when not in use?

I just want to make sure I understood.

Looking forward to hearing back from you,

Thanks Shaun,


Hi Seth,

Thanks so much for trying to reach back out to me, and so sorry about my phone!! 

I really appreciate your quick reply and thorough answer.

I will be writing you a private message.

Thanks for what you all do,