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Hi Shaun. Thank you for your reply. Since I have posted this I have done further investigations outside my home and inside my home with everything turned off and unplugged. I live in Los Angeles and even just sitting outside in my yard I get readings of 300 to 800. Inside my living room I have since been able to get that number down from 3,000 (WiFi router was in that room now in the garage) to 30 with no phones present. 

Unfortunately, my bedroom is still high and I get spikes every 15-20 seconds of 6,000 with steady 300 peak numbers. I have since located a few newly installed 5G antennas in our area. I'm thinking we may be getting signals from there. So now I need to figure out to either use paint or shielding to protect out bedroom. I also think I may be getting singles from my neighbors router. 

Thank you for the link and mentioning The BioInitiative Report and the Building Biology Institute. I will visit their site for more information. 

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