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The best option is to move as far out into the country as possible but if not, I recommend at least a EMF blocking bed canopy for when you sleep, these block most frequencies including 60GHz but everything blocks 60GHz, just don't get any 60GHz routers for inside the home. Other wireless frequencies cause blood coagulation because of the pearling effect it has on the blood among other problems. One problem with 5G is they install more 4G transmitters along with the 5G which causes densification of the blood coagulating frequencies. Also, start increasing your vitamin C, Zinc and Iodine for it's protection against all forms of radiation. I know a gentleman on your side of the pond, Mark Steele that is fighting this insanity, you might look him up. God bless, and I hope you and your mum can live free from these frequency weapons.

Unfortunately there is not a whole lot you can do on a budget. A Narda Radman 2XT or WaveMon RF-60 that can detect 5G frequencies will cost you over $1000 and they only tell you when you have reached about 200 percent the programmed levels and it would be nice to know if they are cranking out 500-1000 percent recommended levels and a device that will tell you the actually measured power will cost tens of thousands of dollars. Then there are a whole myriad of blockers like paint, rebuilding your walls with metal mesh, bed canopies etc. I suspect most of the cheap necklaces made of various materials like Shungite and such are just gimmicks that don't really protect you. In addition to all this, some frequencies effect the molecules around you so it would be very difficult if not impossible to block how 60GHz causes oxygen molecules to oscillate preventing your hemoglobin from uptaking it or the recent PubMed article that shows how some 5G frequencies can induce damage on and under your skin and cause the same exosomes that are being called Covid-19. Some people are considering taking legal action by submitting a Notice of Liability to their city council and FCC since these are the parties responsible for allowing these new military frequencies to be experimented on in public. My plan is to analyze all the 5G coverage maps and move to the most remote location possible and let everyone else be the guinea pigs in this New World Order population reduction genocide plans.