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I am also looking for a device that detects 60 GHZ because that is the one that inhibits oxygen uptake by the hemoglobin and of most concern. I live where there is constant testing of microwave weapons and radar technology by the military and there are days where when walking outside, I am over taken with hyper tension, shortness of breath which was very distressing and scary. It took almost 18 hours to recover after removing myself from the area. My daughter who was with me woke up with green around her eyes which can be caused from iron depletion. Could that have been caused by whatever hemoglobin that had oxygen was spent quickly? Very suspecious and concerning. She took iron and the skin returned to normal color in a day. That never happpened to her before. We all need to demand a moratorium until more testing on human exposure is done. This is al very concerning. I typically have low blood pressure and am as relaxed as a yogi. Humans should not have to be concerned about the biological damage from technology. Technology should not be allowed to proceed until proven 100% harmless.