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Thanks Justin for the useful info, thanks Grand, for the list of meters capable to measure above 8GHz. 
I'm determined to buy a 5G meter detecting frequencies at least to 40GHz, and I checked so far the specs for
- EME Guard XS 40 GHz whose sopecification says:
"Lower detection limit 5 V/m". This makes it useless for health concerned individuals like me, because this equals to 66.3 mW/m2 (66300 uW/m2). And as the most of us know, even values above 0.1 uW/m2 could be harmful! (according to building biology standards)
Next I checked was :
- Wavecontrol: WaveMon RF-60 but its specs are talking mainly about electric fields. Does anyone know more about its RF capabilities?

Generally, I'm searching for a reliable 5G meter, with digital display and detecting RF signals at least as low as 0.1uW/m2

Can anyone help with such meter?

Does anyone have an experience with successful detection of 5G frequencies with the meters working up to 8GHz?

Thank you all!