Your comments

Great!  Can you do a 3 way call? While they came over to fix the floating grounding the other day, I am really trying to avoid anyone outside my family from entering my house due to the COVID 19 situation. If you could do a 3 way call, that would be ideal. 

Also, would it be ok if I request our phone consults w/o my electricians first sometime this week? I am hoping to go over a lot of things with you at my first consults since I have lots of questions about shielding and grounding in general (I am very new to EMF) . We could set up a call with the electricians at my second consults, if that's ok (their schedule is very patchy and ever changing so it may take a while for me to set up a time with them anyway). 

Yes, it seems like I have received the half way done reply. I just read your entire response and this is very helpful. Thank you!

I feel that having a phone consultation with you to talk more depth about the issues I am experiencing may help a lot (especially about the the low frequency mag fields issue). My electricians just found out that my 1st floor circuit panel has "floating grounding" and fixed it yesterday, but the reading is still quite high. There are multiple areas in my house that are very high in low frequency mf (both corner and middle of the 2nd floor, the highest area is the corner of the 2nd floor close to where all the outside wires are attached to the house with up to 80mG) and there are a few more areas that are also high but they are all various places (close to the floor) and scattered. Sometimes, the readings fluctuates every second (for example, between 7mG and 14 mG) and very unstable. 

I am a little concerned how well I will be able to understand you if I have a phone council with you due to my language barrier ( I do not do well with certain accents such as Southern, British, etc.). If I had a hard time communicating with you, would you consider emailing me our conversation if I pay additional fee?

Mahalo and thanks in advance for responding to my email!