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I just found the "Acousticom 2" ($180 US) which claims to detect 5G radiation. It measures 200 - 8000mhz  (up to 8Ghz) It uses the same RF detector as their top of the line "Acoustimeter".($365US) 

Pace: 500 measurements

per second.

Sensitivity: (peak display): 0.01 - 6.00v/m (equals to 0.5 to 1000,000_uw/m2

Battery: 9V (can use rechargeable)

Low Battery Indicator light (normally green for on, turns to red)

Size: 110 x 63 x 21mm

Weight: 140g. (including battery)

NOTE:  I just found one I like better. It has a better display and seems more user friendly. Check out the TriField TF2

. It also claims to detect 5G ($168US)