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Okay.  Well I'm ElectroSensitive and we're moving to a home in the Ozark mountains to get me away from all of this nonsense.  The trade off is that we will have a TWACS meter on a pedestal 100' from the house.  We're going to install the Super Duty Satic, slap a Faraday cage on the beast and see how I do.  The utility companies are acting like complete thugs these days.  I have a letter of medical necessity from my UT grad internal medicine doctor, Functional Medicine practitioner and she's taken courses on EMF and they mocked and downgraded her orders. Completely criminal on so many levels.  I ordered your shielded power strips.  Was grateful to find those and had wondered if/ THANK YOU for being so pro-active.  I have a blog at that tells the story of how I got yanked into this knowledge.  We will have a metal roof and a metal clad home now so I need to make sure the inside is as clean as possible. IF the Super Duty doesn't cover me I'm wondering if I can add a DNA filter to that effort.  Curtis Bennett's work reflects that when we put 2 frequencies out we actually produce 4 more so I don't think the humans have any damn clue what they're doing. Like a bunch of kids with a chemistry set and the instructions and warnings is still in the box so grateful to have you involved.  I'm thinking I'll start a podcast in a few months so maybe we can do some educating and hear how you got into this.  Will be using a spatula because of you.  :-)  Okay. I'll wait to hear back and hope for the best but always looking for what exists in the market.  Hoping to awaken this little town of 466...get 'em all pissed at the ONLY utility company...MONOPOLY?