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Your description on your store indicates the router can be configured using open source software.  What is the software that you would use for this?  Is there a manual or spec sheet?  From your response, I'm guessing it will support customary wireless speeds, but you didn't confirm that.  I'm specifically wanting to make sure it will support wireless ac.  I'm also accustomed to some level of control over wireless configuration, such as separate 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, channel assignments, and guest wireless network options.  Apple allows this on their base stations.  I would want the ability to use whatever software that works with the R7 to allow me similar flexibility in configuring that one if I'm going to use it to replace the wireless option on my Apple Base Station.  There isn't enough information in your web page description for me to determine how this would be done and I don't want to purchase until I know for sure what I'd be getting. Plug and play is fine, but sometimes we need a little more than that.  I'm hoping you can fill in some of these blanks for me.  Thanks so much.