I want to find a proper device to measure 5G Extreme High Frequencies

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I have been suggested to buy the HF-ANALYSER HF38B.

I am not an expert in this sort of devices but it is mention that the top peak read the this analyser can measure is 2.7Ghz while the standard 5G Broadband expected in my town is 26Ghz which it makes it 10 times higher.

Can anyone please advise a suitable device for 5G Frequencies measurement.

Kind regards




It looks like 5G is rolling out and utilizing a wide range of frequencies.  Some of those frequencies are 12 Ghz and below.  For this we are recommending the Safe and Sound Pro 2 Meter.

Another good alternative to that meter would be the Acoustimeter AM10.  However, the AM10 does not have as wide of a frequency range.  Its specs only go up to 8 Ghz whereare the Safe and Sound Pro 2 goes up to 12 Ghz.

Neither of these meters will cover *all* 5G (5th Generation - not to be confused with 5Ghz - 5G does NOT stand for gigahertz) frequencies.  They will cover some, and likely be able to show you when 5G is present.  But these meters may not be able to actually measure all of the frequencies emitted by 5G antenna systems.


We aren't aware of any commercially-available meters for 5G yet.  I know companies are working on them, but there isn't a meter that I can recommend at this time for 5G.  I'm sure there will be meters soon.  I really, really, hope so.  It is needed!


Wow I see. I am thinking to buy from the other side the 'Acousticom 2 Acoustimeter RF Detector Radio Frequency Microwave Meter RF Meter' which spectrum frequency detector is 200Mhz to 8000Mhz but I wouldn't like to invest on this if the frequencies very soon will be a lot higher and my device wont detect them.

Some websites are announcing this device is able to detect 5G signals but in my country 'NZ' the starting frequency for 5G announced will be  '26 GHz' or 26,000 Mhz so there is no chance this device will perceive them in my opinion. Does that sound fair to say in your view?




I almost bought the Acoustimeter AM-10 today.  It's a very expensive meter and I would be very disappointed if it can't measure 5G either.  Looking at the frequency spectrum in can measure and the 5G frequency possibilities here in Australia it does look like it won't be able to measure it at all.  I'm going to send an message to EMFields and ask them if and when they plan to measure 5G.


Post what they responded. I am trying to buy a detector for 5G.


The Acustimeter cannort measure 5G


Do you have any update on available 5G meters?


I am also from far north NZ and would like to have an update on when a new meter is out to measure 5G .. I have the acousticom meter which is a great wee meter and am hoping to get the next meter through this same company 


It already exists but it is very expensive...   it is just like they don't want you to be able to measure 5G radiation on a commercial level before it is too late...

Here is a list of what is available in mid-2019:


Wavecontrol SMP2 + WPF40 field probe - 40Ghz $3000~


Wawemon RF40 - 40Ghz  $1400~

Nardalert S3 - 50Ghz $1700~

EME Guard - 40Ghz $1800~


any updates on 5g meters? Gigahertz solutions says there are some available from Rohde & Schwarz, Anritsu and Narda-STS. Can anyone find any links from them or prices?


I just found the "Acousticom 2" ($180 US) which claims to detect 5G radiation. It measures 200 - 8000mhz  (up to 8Ghz) It uses the same RF detector as their top of the line "Acoustimeter".($365US) 

Pace: 500 measurements

per second.

Sensitivity: (peak display): 0.01 - 6.00v/m (equals to 0.5 to 1000,000_uw/m2

Battery: 9V (can use rechargeable)

Low Battery Indicator light (normally green for on, turns to red)

Size: 110 x 63 x 21mm

Weight: 140g. (including battery)

NOTE:  I just found one I like better. It has a better display and seems more user friendly. Check out the TriField TF2

. It also claims to detect 5G ($168US) 


the Acousticom 2 will NOT measure 5G.  Since it only goes to 8Ghz that is far far far bwlow 5G frequencies which are around 30 Ghz


Doesn't that say it all then?

Hello. We unknowingly bought a house under a cell phone tower. I am determined to move now but don't want to make the same mistake. I want to make sure I get a meter that is accurate for 5G if possible just to not buy something now that will be antiquated by next year, however we want to move this coming year so need something soon. I have read a bunch and been recommended the HF35C RF Meter: HF35C RF Meter. It is directional but the range does not seem to be as good as the Acoustimeter for a similar USD price. Any help would be awesome! I will also likely buy the TriField just for EMF testing.


hi! In need of a 5G meter. Any leads in 2020? Thanks! 

Hi I have just posted a link from my ebay to show the latest I have found that does measure 5g .. would like others thoughts on this meter please thank you


The cheaper meters that detect up to 6 or 8 Ghz are actually detecting 5G.  The majority of 5G frequencies used will be in the lower microwave range starting at 1 Ghz.  I am not aware of countries saying they will use a specific frequency but carriers are divvying up the frequencies they will use.  In Minnesota most of the carriers are using lower frequencies under 8 Ghz so the regular meters will detect this, but Verizon is the exception.  They will be using 27 Ghz and 39 Ghz.  To detect that you would need one of the expensive meters that start at $1,400 and up.  I have also read that some larger packets of information may use pulsed frequencies of 70 to 90+ Ghz.  I am not aware of a meter that could measure this as they top out at 50 Ghz.  At any rate a regular meter that detects up to 8 Ghz should be a good start for measuring most of the 5G signals out there.  Much of the increased risk will actually come from additional EMF radiation from closer proximity antennas and routers, and most of the good cheaper meters do a good job of measuring EMF.   I am planning on buying a Cornet ED88T which measures all EMF and RF up to 8 Ghz.  


5G is 60ghz. The industry has been banned from making tech to detect this level of radiation. Someone needs to start making these in their garage. Start a go fund me and I will contribute.


Looks like you're right.

the only way to get one is to build one.

How tough can it be?

If the 5g equipment can receive & decode the signal. There is/will be no shortage of detectors.


Its so tough NONE of the major namanufactures are doing it?

But then what do I know?

I'm just a dumb electrician.

Let's build one!


Tell me how and what I need, and if those two questions count me out, tell me anyway.  You'd be surprised when one is determined, and I am determined to protect my health AND the public's right to the info necessary to make the right choices to protect their families' health!


This one is more of a detector - not really a meter.  It is only to show when levels have reached EXTREMELY high power densities - enough to cause immediate noticeable harm to a great number of people.  It is for workers who work on this equipment, to help avoid them getting in the beams and frying themselves.

So I don't think a detector like this would be very useful at all except for measuring extremely high levels - being very very close in proximity to antenna.  For biological purposes - health purposes - like we always measure for in accordance with Building Biology standards - this type of detector doesn't cut it.

But it does serve to show people that this stuff is dangerous - and if it were not dangerous why would safety detectors like this even exist.  This isn't the only one - there are many RF safety detectors for antenna workers available on the market.


Hello.  Is that a serious comment re "the industry has been banned from making tech to detect this level of radiation"?  If so, that's serious and very concerning.  I too wish to purchase a EMF monitor capable of measuring 5G.  

I haven't heard any rumors like that.  I haven't heard of any pushback against manufacturers of meters.  They are catching up.  I think the higher frequencies are currently more expensive to measure.


No that's not true.  Much of the info in this thread is not true.  First of all, 5G is not 60 Ghz or any one frequency.   Carriers will be using many different frequencies which will change from city to city and they start at 1 Ghz. The vast majority of those frequencies used will be under 6 Ghz and any of the meters can measure that.  Some higher frequencies will be used.  In Europe it seems they have settled on 28 Ghz max.  The highest frequency I've seen so far is 39 Ghz.  The top dollar meters measure up to 40 or 50 Ghz so they will measure well over 99% of all 5G signals.  They do have plans to use frequencies up to 80 Ghz but that will only be used for close proximity device to device transmissions.  They can't use frequencies that high for standard signals through 5G antennas because they simply don't travel far enough.  In Minnesota where I am from only Verizon will use frequencies that would require an expensive meter.  They have 2 frequencies, one is 27 Ghz and the other is 39 Ghz.  Every other carrier will only use frequencies under 8 Ghz that can be measured with a cheaper meter.  Many other markets will be similar.  I have looked at frequencies being used around the world and I have not seen higher than Verizon's 39 Ghz in Minneapolis.  Some inexpensive meters measure up to 8 Ghz and that will detect most of the 5G signals out there.  If you want to detect the higher frequencies you have to spend like $1,400 or more.  I hope this clears things up.  I am getting a cheap meter and I think it will be fine.  You don't need to detect every signal.  You just need to know where signals are getting through and where you need to shield.  Either get rid of your WIFI or get a router guard.  Shield your home with Faraday and get some anti-radiation clothing.  Don't buy 5G service for your phone but also understand that 4G and EMF signals can be dangerous too.  With a meter and a little preparation it won't be that hard to protect ourselves.        


It sounds like you have no idea what the frequency will be. Whether someone buys 5G for their phone, doesn't do anything to protect anyone from EMF radiation. "It won't be that hard to protect ourselves?" I think that's a terrible attitude. We don't want or need any human cooking!!! Our only option is to not have Wi-fi? We need to fight against this insanity! Can you show me an EMF detector that measures up to 60Ghz, please. Faraday and anti radiation clothing? Gimme a break! Time to wake up and fight people! They have done studies with 5G on animals and the findings are awful.
Some studies: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=5G+testing+on+animals&t=ffab&ia=web
"We the undersigned,more than 180 scientists and doctors from 35 countries, recommend a moratoriumon the roll-out of the fifth generation, 5G, for telecommunication until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from industry."


It sounds like I have no idea what the frequency will be?  I just explained that in detail.  It sounds like you have a problem with basic reading comprehension.  Go read it again.  They will use many frequencies and most of them will be under 6 Ghz.  I never claimed that not using 5G would protect anyone from EMF radiation which is another topic altogether.  EMF radiation is emitted from every electronic device we use.  If you don't use 5G with your phone you won't be sending these higher frequencies to your ear constantly.  That's some fairly basic common sense for you to not understand.  So it's a terrible attitude to protect ourselves?  What in the...?  "Our only option is to not have Wi-fi?"  When did I say that?  Well, current routers already use 5G frequencies of 5Ghz and 2.4 Ghz.   Anyone who has a    WI-FI router in their home has already been constantly exposing themselves for years to the same frequencies that 5G will use.  Bluetooth also uses 2.45 Ghz which is the same as a microwave oven.  If you shield your home from radiation those materials are often reflective so if you still use a router it will just bounce the signals around in your home and make the problem worse.  The other option is to use a router guard which lowers RF radiation below safe levels but then you can't shield your home with anything reflective.  They do have materials that absorb rather than reflect though.  Why are you against anti-radiation or faraday clothing?  You do know that these materials can block 90-98% of RF Radiation don't you?  Why wouldn't you use them?   For someone who is so scared of 5G that seems like an odd thing to say.  I'm not sure what your fixation on 60 Ghz is about, but they are not using frequencies that high through antennas.  I already explained that the higher frequencies will be only be used for close proximity device to device transfers and those will be more like 80 Ghz anyway.  So what do you think a 60 Ghz meter will do for you?  The devices will literally have to be right next to each other and your meter would have to be between them to even be in the path.  You would also have to be between the devices to be exposed.  If you don't use 5G it won't even be an issue for you.  It sounds like you have some misconceptions about 5G and your lacking some basic information and understanding. You'll need to educate yourself before you can even begin to have an intelligent conversation about it.  Hey, I'm with you that 5G should be banned.  If you think you can stop them then more power to you.  I'll cheer you on but I'm not holding my breath, and in the meanwhile I'm going to take the practical approach and protect myself and my family, and you should too. 


You got some good info.
5G Cell Towers are More Dangerous for Two Main Reasons:

  • First, 5G emits “ultra high frequencies”. The higher the frequency, the shorter the length of each wave. This means more waves hit our bodies in the same amount of time. Previous cellular generations emitted from 1 to 6 GHz frequencies. 5G cell towers may emit frequencies as high as 300 GHz.
  • Second, 5G technology requires “ultra high intensity”. Since the shorter length millimeter waves (MMV) used in 5G do not travel as far (and get obstructed easier), with our current number of cell towers the cell signal will not be reliable. To compensate 5G cell towers will have to emit the lower 3G & 4G waves as well, and many more “mini cell towers” will have to be installed. It is estimated that they will need a mini cell tower every 2 to 8 houses. All of this combined will greatly increase our RF Radiation exposure.




Thats a fine intelligent answer and to the point, you sound like you have a thorough knowledge on this, very detailed and relevent answers which I'm feeling very grateful for, I have an interest in this area to self protect and share with those willing to listen for past two years (electrical background ) ).

I am also delighted with this great website by SHAUN A. KRANISH I think hes a well informed expert in his own field and a decent guy to boot, keep up the Brilliant Work, THANK YOU BOTH.


I live in a 5g active zone recently active. Since its becoming active I literally cannot sleep, constant ringing in the ears, whole head ringing like a bell, headaches, aggitaion, unable to concentrate, tired, etc. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. I have NO wifi router in my home yet I show constant 5 bars of available xfinity wifi in ALL areas of my home.... This was not the case previously. I am extremely concerned for my health especially since I can't tell where the torture is coming from in order to block it. The levels have to be off the charts for the amount if static noise I am hearing relentlessly... Can anyone tell me what I can do on a budget to help fix this! Really feeling desperate at this point.


Unfortunately there is not a whole lot you can do on a budget. A Narda Radman 2XT or WaveMon RF-60 that can detect 5G frequencies will cost you over $1000 and they only tell you when you have reached about 200 percent the programmed levels and it would be nice to know if they are cranking out 500-1000 percent recommended levels and a device that will tell you the actually measured power will cost tens of thousands of dollars. Then there are a whole myriad of blockers like paint, rebuilding your walls with metal mesh, bed canopies etc. I suspect most of the cheap necklaces made of various materials like Shungite and such are just gimmicks that don't really protect you. In addition to all this, some frequencies effect the molecules around you so it would be very difficult if not impossible to block how 60GHz causes oxygen molecules to oscillate preventing your hemoglobin from uptaking it or the recent PubMed article that shows how some 5G frequencies can induce damage on and under your skin and cause the same exosomes that are being called Covid-19. Some people are considering taking legal action by submitting a Notice of Liability to their city council and FCC since these are the parties responsible for allowing these new military frequencies to be experimented on in public. My plan is to analyze all the 5G coverage maps and move to the most remote location possible and let everyone else be the guinea pigs in this New World Order population reduction genocide plans.


deployed that is some fucked up stuff I teared up reading this along with everybodies explanation. We are all in captivity with the frequency torture. But the one true reliable "buck back" concept to 5G is ORGONITE!!!!!!!! ORGONITE ORGONITE ORGONITE!!!! it's just a crystal. But it happens to be the most powerful crystal it literally inhales EMF radiation and transmutes it to a safe energy.. idk about your faith in crystals but every electrolized copper device to deflect radiation has ORGONITE!!!!!! also our government tried to make orgonite ILLEGAL!!!! so if that shit doesn't go hand in hand then idk what doesn't click in your head. You can go to any crystal shop and buy pieces of orgonite for kinda cheap (10-50 dollars) (MAKE SURE ITS REAL ORGONITE) (just ask). Or if you wanna get crazy you can purchase big pieces online !!! Just type in ORGONITE and study

put a piece on your microwave and on your router and there are orgonite phone cases etc. Grid your home with that stuff you will FEEL better. 


I'm having the exact same problem... staying with my mum in Cornwall (down from London)  as she is displaying corona virus like symptoms and now all I can hear in her bungalow is low frequency buzzing in my ears... cant sleep, stressed out and literally going crazy because of it... how can they do this to us!?


The best option is to move as far out into the country as possible but if not, I recommend at least a EMF blocking bed canopy for when you sleep, these block most frequencies including 60GHz but everything blocks 60GHz, just don't get any 60GHz routers for inside the home. Other wireless frequencies cause blood coagulation because of the pearling effect it has on the blood among other problems. One problem with 5G is they install more 4G transmitters along with the 5G which causes densification of the blood coagulating frequencies. Also, start increasing your vitamin C, Zinc and Iodine for it's protection against all forms of radiation. I know a gentleman on your side of the pond, Mark Steele that is fighting this insanity, you might look him up. God bless, and I hope you and your mum can live free from these frequency weapons.

Yeah was looking at the canopies, do they actually work? My mum doesn't have a router at her little bungalow so stumped. I'm thinking it could be feedback from the pylons or maybe the military out in the water checking for migrants. 

I've heard stuff about people picking up the sonar on land who are close by. Would make sense too with all these whales washing up on shore these days. 

never thought I'd be a conspiracy theorist believer. 

Thanks Justin for the useful info, thanks Grand, for the list of meters capable to measure above 8GHz. 
I'm determined to buy a 5G meter detecting frequencies at least to 40GHz, and I checked so far the specs for
- EME Guard XS 40 GHz whose sopecification says:
"Lower detection limit 5 V/m". This makes it useless for health concerned individuals like me, because this equals to 66.3 mW/m2 (66300 uW/m2). And as the most of us know, even values above 0.1 uW/m2 could be harmful! (according to building biology standards)
Next I checked was :
- Wavecontrol: WaveMon RF-60 but its specs are talking mainly about electric fields. Does anyone know more about its RF capabilities?

Generally, I'm searching for a reliable 5G meter, with digital display and detecting RF signals at least as low as 0.1uW/m2

Can anyone help with such meter?

Does anyone have an experience with successful detection of 5G frequencies with the meters working up to 8GHz?

Thank you all!


We need detectors that can measure up to at least 60Ghz. 


It is Alarming here we are moving into the next Generation . the beginning of the Radiation Expose. we Must stop it Cut the DEMAND and the NEED it will grow into a Monster. Yup a Good detector so we can Increase awareness to stop it.

a dumb question. Can we use a 5G capable phone and some app to read radiations from a tower. Specially a verizon 5G phone. Would it work. Since what i am reading from all the posts that verizon is using 39GHz. So there new 5G phones are 39GHz capable. I guess.

any thoughts about this idea. Then we can show how much radiation verizon is putting out on verizon own phone.

same thought / 2hrs behind you 


If people are concerned about EMR, and they should be, why worry about 5G only. 1000s of studies have shown that exposure to even low levels of microwave radiation from 2G, 3G or 4G can cause serious biological harm. And why consider 5G enabled cell phones? If you are worried about 5G, I assume you know that cell phones, cordless phones, wifi can be very harmful especially to vulnerable people: children; fetuses; those with weakened immune systems. Devices that are hard wired via fiber optic cable are much more efficient, getting faster service, more data, they are harder to hack and they don't irradiate people around them. People need to stop fixating on 5G. Granted the small cells will be close to homes, most will have functional 3G and 4G transmitters as well as 5G (which may not use milliwave frequencies for some time).   IMHO this is what we should be worried about and fighting.


we’re all asking the same question but a thought on the matter: if a phone is 5g enabled should it not be possible to create an app/use the phone itself to measure signal strength and range? 

I confess I’m not the guy that would be able to do it, but it seems like an obvious possibility and there is more than enough awareness to find the right people and know how to make it happen? 

social media call out/campaign to find the right people?


It looks like 5G is rolling out and utilizing a wide range of frequencies.  Some of those frequencies are 12 Ghz and below.  For this we are recommending the Safe and Sound Pro 2 Meter.

Another good alternative to that meter would be the Acoustimeter AM10.  However, the AM10 does not have as wide of a frequency range.  Its specs only go up to 8 Ghz whereare the Safe and Sound Pro 2 goes up to 12 Ghz.

Neither of these meters will cover *all* 5G (5th Generation - not to be confused with 5Ghz - 5G does NOT stand for gigahertz) frequencies.  They will cover some, and likely be able to show you when 5G is present.  But these meters may not be able to actually measure all of the frequencies emitted by 5G antenna systems.



Pretty expensive.. not very informed on this subject ...but believe will go up to 50ghz

hope this helps


I am also looking for a device that detects 60 GHZ because that is the one that inhibits oxygen uptake by the hemoglobin and of most concern. I live where there is constant testing of microwave weapons and radar technology by the military and there are days where when walking outside, I am over taken with hyper tension, shortness of breath which was very distressing and scary. It took almost 18 hours to recover after removing myself from the area. My daughter who was with me woke up with green around her eyes which can be caused from iron depletion. Could that have been caused by whatever hemoglobin that had oxygen was spent quickly? Very suspecious and concerning. She took iron and the skin returned to normal color in a day. That never happpened to her before. We all need to demand a moratorium until more testing on human exposure is done. This is al very concerning. I typically have low blood pressure and am as relaxed as a yogi. Humans should not have to be concerned about the biological damage from technology. Technology should not be allowed to proceed until proven 100% harmless. 


I am so sorry this is happening to you and your family.
Do these psychopathic slave owners ever tell us the truth

about anything? Does anyone know

specifically what they're going to do, and have already done? It's all speculation right now. We need hard evidence! They lie about everything.Could this be part of the current psyop? They love to spread fear, panic, lies, and misdirection.
Take care.

We live near a military base as well in southern California, and I have wondered about microwave weapons testing.  After the I hear a bomb go off I often feel a wave go though me.  Not sure if its my system reacting to the sound or if its something else radiation based.  Do you know which bases test for this and how far these devices transmit radiation?  Thanks.


In general, higher frequency signals do not travel as far.  The higher the frequency the less it travels.  That's why these frequencies have not been used for phones in the past.   It would also depend on the power used though.  That's a question that could probably only be answered definitively by the Military themselves and they'll never tell you.  


Someone with a conscience and strong moral compass will always speak out, or leak the information, or just flat out whistleblow.....just like now with the brave doctors and nurses. Humanity is clawing at anything, and anyone to get this data. It's only a matter of time. 

Rod, after 21 years of tracking these killers, I believe there's no question I

cannot answer .... ask the oracle,  just try me.  

Okay here's one: do you have a website I could go to to read your research?

Or here's a simple one, what the heck do we do?

Do you have any info on inhibiting the oxygen uptake by hemoglobin from 60 Ghz?  Here is a 60 Ghz meter I found.  It is like Government contractor level technology and I have no idea what it costs or if you can even buy it.  This is from 2008 so it's been around awhile.  There's got to be other ones out there by now.    https://news.thomasnet.com/fullstory/meter-provides-rf-radiation-safety-tests-to-60-ghz-546712

I googled NBM-520 and I'm finding used ones and similar models in the $4,600 to 5,500 range.  By comparison 40-50 Ghz models start at around $1,400.  If you want to meter 60 Ghz you're gonna have to fork out the big bucks.  

Do you have the link for the NBM-520, that includes the price at $4600-$5500, and links to the 40-50ghz models priced at $1400 you have mentioned. That would be awesome. Thanks.

Here is a list of what is available in mid-2019:

Wavecontrol SMP2 + WPF40 field probe - 40Ghz $3000~


Wawemon RF40 - 40Ghz $1400~

Nardalert S3 - 50Ghz $1700~

EME Guard - 40Ghz $1800~

I just discovered that the Wavecontrol SMP2 has a field probe available that will allow it to detect up 60 Ghz.  The SMP2 with a 40 Ghz field probe is $3,000, but I don't know how much the 60 Ghz field probe is.  


Demand will inevitably foster a much cheaper supply....maybe people will start building emf detectors in their garages? That would be hilarious.


...and as far as I can tell so far those higher frequencies won't be used in standard 5G signals from antennas.  They will only be used for close proximity large file device to device transfers, and even that is something they talk about as possible plan for the future.  It's alot like using a wireless charger which has the device and the charger actually touching.  The signal will only travel a millimeter and it won't travel through nearby people.  It will only give off the normal EMF radiation that every electronic device emits.  I'm not trying to defend the use of 5G but if this is true, it sounds at least like some good news to me.  The higher frequencies are the most dangerous.  If you're talking about using it for detecting millimeter wave weapons that's another story.  A 60 Ghz meter may not be enough.  The Active Denial Crowd Control System use 95 Ghz.  Of course you don't need a meter for that.  You skin is all the meter you'd need.  

Has anyone heard of a frequency higher than 39 Ghz being designated for standard 5G use anywhere?   Every city is different for how the frequencies are being divided up among carriers.  

Justin, you were talking about router guards. I'm freakin out with our new ATT router at home. With work from home we needed WIFI, it was unavoidable. We bought the taller, big router guard. Do you think this really work? I was reading the thread because I want to find a meter to test it, but I really don't know which one to get!

You can Google 5G frequency graphs to find out which countries are using the higher frequencies such as 60 gigahertz millimeter wave as well as which cellular carriers.


I also agree that with a newer 5G capable phone with the right app we should be able to have a nice 5G meter. I don't believe the cell phones run on the 60 gigahertz millimeter wave. I too am waiting for an inexpensive meter to come out for this range. 

you need to remember  they won't shoot themselves and their business by allowing anything to compromise  or jeopardize  it.why would they allow an application that shows their business is harmful to humans.... I once became aware of this 30 years ago.people in a small community became SICK and  their kids had a sorts of health problems and they lived near or in close proximity  to those electricity towers. Obviously technology was on the cusp of booming.you know government depth keep FOOD & health info confidential to themselves. 


Check this out: 

Justin, you were talking about router guards. I'm freakin out with our new ATT router at home. With work from home we needed WIFI, it was unavoidable. We bought the taller, big router guard. Do you think this really work? I was reading the thread because I want to find a meter to test it, but I really don't know which one to get!

Some of the comments are not correct as far as I know.  For example the 60 GHz is not in use now and most of the telecoms admit that it is unlikely that these will be used for a long time for things like phones. Right now 5G is using lower frequencies e.g. 700 MHz which are far more dangerous than the milliwaves (another incorrect statement). These penetrate more easily into the buildings as well as our bodies.


No one was saying telecom companies are using 60 ghz for standard 5G signals. Someone was asking about some military weapons testing or something.  We've already established that 39 ghz is the highest we know of.  That's what Verizon in Minneapolis is using.  Every company is different and it varies from one market to another.  Most companies are using frequencies lower than 6 ghz.  However, I have read that they will use higher frequencies for direct device to device uploads.  This really isn't a risk because the signal does not travel farther than a few millimeters.  You are thinking backwards about the risks associated with different frequencies though.  Lower frequencies are not more dangerous because they pass through things.  That makes them less dangerous.  If a signal passes though your body, as all non-ionising radiation supposedly does, then it does not have an opportunity to affect your cells.  It passes right through.  It is the higher frequencies that do not pass through our bodies that are more dangerous.  They will interact with your cells and cause damage.  700 mhz signals are about as safe as it gets.  A frequency that low could never damage any cells in our bodies.  Millimeter waves on the other hand, don't pass through much of anything.  Maybe it can't pass through a wall and get to a person inside, but it also can't pass through your body, so when you are exposed it will damage cells.  The eyes, skin, and male gonads are the most susceptible.