I want to find a proper device to measure 5G Extreme High Frequencies

alejandro.franco.portillo 2 years ago updated by AKshar Patel 2 months ago 7

I have been suggested to buy the HF-ANALYSER HF38B.

I am not an expert in this sort of devices but it is mention that the top peak read the this analyser can measure is 2.7Ghz while the standard 5G Broadband expected in my town is 26Ghz which it makes it 10 times higher.

Can anyone please advise a suitable device for 5G Frequencies measurement.

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We aren't aware of any commercially-available meters for 5G yet.  I know companies are working on them, but there isn't a meter that I can recommend at this time for 5G.  I'm sure there will be meters soon.  I really, really, hope so.  It is needed!


Wow I see. I am thinking to buy from the other side the 'Acousticom 2 Acoustimeter RF Detector Radio Frequency Microwave Meter RF Meter' which spectrum frequency detector is 200Mhz to 8000Mhz but I wouldn't like to invest on this if the frequencies very soon will be a lot higher and my device wont detect them.

Some websites are announcing this device is able to detect 5G signals but in my country 'NZ' the starting frequency for 5G announced will be  '26 GHz' or 26,000 Mhz so there is no chance this device will perceive them in my opinion. Does that sound fair to say in your view?



I almost bought the Acoustimeter AM-10 today.  It's a very expensive meter and I would be very disappointed if it can't measure 5G either.  Looking at the frequency spectrum in can measure and the 5G frequency possibilities here in Australia it does look like it won't be able to measure it at all.  I'm going to send an message to EMFields and ask them if and when they plan to measure 5G.

The Acustimeter cannort measure 5G

Do you have any update on available 5G meters?


I am also from far north NZ and would like to have an update on when a new meter is out to measure 5G .. I have the acousticom meter which is a great wee meter and am hoping to get the next meter through this same company 

any updates on 5g meters? Gigahertz solutions says there are some available from Rohde & Schwarz, Anritsu and Narda-STS. Can anyone find any links from them or prices?