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Question about the groundable Naturell Ultra Canopy

Erin 2 years ago updated by Shaun A Kranish (Principal) 1 year ago 3

Hi Shaun

I'm planning to buy one of your Swiss Naturell Ultra externally conductive groundable queen sized canopies. I already have 2 of your ethernet/computer/multiport grounds that are fabulous, and 2 of your power strips. About to buy more, plus your cool wall usb recharger with grounded outlets.

Just a couple questions about the canopy. I already use a Dream Canopy, grounded. But I have concerns about future flaking and durability - and I need a 2nd canopy that I can travel with without tearing my whole set-up apart every time. I plan to use the Ultra as my home canopy.

The grounding is important as I have stray electricity from the school across the street at night. The Dream Canopy does mostly work (although I have to clip a horizontal sheet grounded to the inside of the closed canopy about 2 feet above the mattress in the same plane - because I get voltage inside the canopy.)

1. So the surface of the Ultra must be metal to be groundable, right? I can put a gator clip on it anywhere and ground to that, right?

2. If the metal is exposed, is there any question of flaking in the future?

3. Do you think it will ground as well as the dream canopy? (Sorry I know you don't sell this and I couldn't find out on the net what the thing is actually made of!)

4. Is the Ultra pretty breathable?

5. I use a furniture grade pvc tubing frame that the canopy hangs over. Any reason I couldn't hang the ultra over a frame?

I use a floor sheet, and a wire to an outside ground separate from the regular house ground. I shut off all the fuses to the room. I've got wireless emf under control, but nighttime voltage is still somewhat a work in progress.

Hope this makes sense. I live in the middle of a large city, loaded with emf. I know very little about electricity, just what I read - lots of trial and error. I've got a gigahertz electric/mag meter but tend to rely on my trifield. An early purchase of some non-groundable swiss naturell material was a really expensive mistake! It's a big learning curve.


Yes, we really do NOT like any canopies that have metallicized/metal coatings on them. The Swiss Shield Naturell Ultra does NOT have metal coating on it. Building Biologists really guide people away from metal coating products and to solid metal, metal thread, etc. Swiss Shield uses metal thread.

The Naturell Ultra uses carbon (graphite) in addition to the metal thread. Normally the protecting coating placed over the metal threads in Swiss Shield fabric acts as an electric insulator, making the fabric non-conductive externally. So the Swiss Shield Naturell Ultra adds carbon to this protecting coating on the wires to make them externally conductive as well.  They are not as conductive as pure metal - almost like semi-conductive - but still works well to stop electric fields, for example.

Alligator clips can be used, but a grounding plate that clamps down with pressure screws is going to be more effective.  We have these.  So you would attach this to a corner or edge that is not visible or in the way, and it will ground the entire canopy.  If you have a pure metal floor sheet, you can keep using that.  If you have a coated sheet that could flake, you would want to replace it with the Naturell Ultra as well.

This is by far the best fabric, and the canopy design is really great as well.  As far as breathability - it is so large that that is not an issue.  The cheap and super awkward mosquito-net designed canopies are not as good breathability.

I think your grounding results would be as good, and if for some reason you have any issues we have some ways to improve it as well.  However, I think your results will be excellent.  It will be a lot safer and better than your current canopy.  Your framing system should work fine - it is not overly heavy or anything.  I'm sure you'll be able to figure out an acceptable/suitable way to use your current framing/support system.

Let us know about what you have on the floor right now.  We will get you all squared away!  People love these canopies - we don't get any returns on them ever.

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Hi Shaun and Seth,
Thanks so much for your response. Very helpful and I have a lot of confidence in your advice.
I’m putting together my order now.

Three quick questions.
1. I don’t see the grounding plates you recommend on your website. How do I order them? 

2. Also I don’t see other grounding wires - gator and also plug. Do you sell them?

3, My current floor sheet is that copper coated taffeta. I decided to buy an Ultra ground sheet. 
I might leave the copper sheet where it is    (under a rug and not exposed)   and put the Ultra on top, both grounded, to increase the conductivity. Is that silly?

I’m going to break the order into two, one on a business card and one on a personal card. But they’ll ship the same. 

1x queen ultra net,  1x queen floor,  2x ground plates on one card.   On the other:

3x grounded power strips, 2x wall 7-outlet/usb chargers, 1x ultimate ethernet w/ USB hub, 3”, 10” and 14 “ ethernet cables, 3x gator to plug, 3x gator to gator

Once I know how to order the plates and grounding wires, I’ll place my orders on your site.

My plan is to set up my new canopy, test it for a bit - and then schedule a consult with Shaun to work out any kinks. That might take me a couple months to implement. 

Thanks again for your work,
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Hey Erin,

Sorry I missed your reply.

1) The plates are the same as the plates for the paint, here: https://www.electrahealth.com/YShield-Paint-Grounding-Kit_p_171.html  You would just need 1 grounding plate per canopy.

2) The plate works best, so I would use the plate with this: https://www.electrahealth.com/Grounding-Cord-with-Outlet-Plug_p_174.html - get one of these for each canopy

3) I don't think it's silly.  It wouldn't hurt anything, so you could go ahead and leave that.  I would ground it though.  You could ground it with one of the grounding cords - we can put an alligator clip on it.  That or you'd have to get it into the grounding plate with the fabric.  It kind of just depends on how things are situated and how you'd like to do it, but either would work fine :)

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