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By someone who is up-to-date in what is being done on this topic: He warned me that if I installed an analog meter, I would be arrested and charged with meter tampering.
So, you have two options: One is to contact the electric company and tell them (due to illness) you want to install an analog meter at your own expense and then ask them what you need to do to get permission to do that. They are likely to DENY that permission.
The other option is to accept their opt-out meter. In our area (Tucson) the opt-out meter they offer is a pretty good option. It is not testing as having much dirty electricity and it has no Radio Frequency (RF) element to it. They WILL have to physically read it every month. In your location, start by asking Customer Service (or ask to be connected to the metering department) what the exact make and model of the opt-out meter is and then research that meter. You don't want any part of it to have an RF capability.
In the case of my water meter, I just rejected the RF part of the meter and allowed them to install the part that just measures the flow. They WILL have to physically read it every month.
In the case of my gas meter, they claim that the RF part does not broadcast all the time. It is woken up only when it needs to be read and then it goes back to sleep again. That's not good enough for me though so I am requesting an analog meter again. I had to make that request in writing. It has not yet been resolved.