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put a piece on your microwave and on your router and there are orgonite phone cases etc. Grid your home with that stuff you will FEEL better. 

deployed that is some fucked up stuff I teared up reading this along with everybodies explanation. We are all in captivity with the frequency torture. But the one true reliable "buck back" concept to 5G is ORGONITE!!!!!!!! ORGONITE ORGONITE ORGONITE!!!! it's just a crystal. But it happens to be the most powerful crystal it literally inhales EMF radiation and transmutes it to a safe energy.. idk about your faith in crystals but every electrolized copper device to deflect radiation has ORGONITE!!!!!! also our government tried to make orgonite ILLEGAL!!!! so if that shit doesn't go hand in hand then idk what doesn't click in your head. You can go to any crystal shop and buy pieces of orgonite for kinda cheap (10-50 dollars) (MAKE SURE ITS REAL ORGONITE) (just ask). Or if you wanna get crazy you can purchase big pieces online !!! Just type in ORGONITE and study