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Thank you so much for the response Shaun! I think for now I will keep the earrings :) I have several meters but they are not super accurate and I do not see a detectable variation near the earrings. Thanks again!

I thought the values are too high to be realistic too. However I brought the meter to other places (work, gym, outside here) and there is absolutely nothing like the readings in my apartment building. The highest I got was 30 V/m near power sockets. Outside my apartment it is near zero, as the power lines are pretty far. 

I called a building biologist and will have a consultation. The apartment manager said they are willing to remediate if it is the electrical in the building. Since I am not sure I will be here for long I am reluctant to invest in paint. 

Does grounding to the earth require access to the ground outside? I was wondering also for bed canopies. I am on the third floor BTW so I do not have access to the earth outside. 

Thank you so much for all the help!! Really appreciate!!

Thank you! I am using as a EMF meter the GQ EMF-390 and as a microsurge meter the Stetzerizer that I bought from this website. I am trying now to make a stink about it and another resident too. Since the other resident, very far from me, is having the same issue, it suggests widespread wiring errors. There are hundreds of units in the building, so having everyone shut off the breakers would have to be coordinated by the manager and would not really be feasible on a nightly basis

BTW I forgot to mention, I have no lights on when I measure the EMFs, no dimmers, no smart appliances, no wireless devices of any type.