Your comments

Some of the comments are not correct as far as I know.  For example the 60 GHz is not in use now and most of the telecoms admit that it is unlikely that these will be used for a long time for things like phones. Right now 5G is using lower frequencies e.g. 700 MHz which are far more dangerous than the milliwaves (another incorrect statement). These penetrate more easily into the buildings as well as our bodies.


If people are concerned about EMR, and they should be, why worry about 5G only. 1000s of studies have shown that exposure to even low levels of microwave radiation from 2G, 3G or 4G can cause serious biological harm. And why consider 5G enabled cell phones? If you are worried about 5G, I assume you know that cell phones, cordless phones, wifi can be very harmful especially to vulnerable people: children; fetuses; those with weakened immune systems. Devices that are hard wired via fiber optic cable are much more efficient, getting faster service, more data, they are harder to hack and they don't irradiate people around them. People need to stop fixating on 5G. Granted the small cells will be close to homes, most will have functional 3G and 4G transmitters as well as 5G (which may not use milliwave frequencies for some time).   IMHO this is what we should be worried about and fighting.