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One more question:  if I plug my printer cord into one of the the USB ports on this device, will it ground the printer for me just as it is grounding the ethernet cord?  (The printer is not grounded via its two-pronged power plug now).  I remember reading somewhere on your website about printers needing grounding, but I can't find that now in any of the product descriptions (maybe it was in a forum answer).  

Thank you for your helpful and prompt reply.  I have a body voltage kit, but have never used it to determine whether something is grounded or not.  My body voltage at my computer is quite low (0.085V with hands on the mouse and keyboard, seated two arms length away from the iMac).  How would I use it to determine grounding?  As soon as it is ungrounded my body voltage would increase significantly?  Or would I use it a different way (I know that I can use the multimeter on a different setting to see how much juice our car battery has left in it...)

I'm hesitant to remove the grounding adaptor from the ethernet cord and just let it ground via the computer, as adding that to my computer setup  enabled me to get back onto my computer when I got to the point where I couldn't be online AT ALL.  So it clearly did something (not sure what) that helped, and that was before I had the grounding loop isolator!  


Thank you for your helpful reply!  I'm glad to hear that my set up is good.  Why do you usually put the isolator in the grounded switch/modem/router as opposed to the computer?  Does it have some advantage over putting it into the Ethernet port of the desktop computer?   

Would you be able to answer my other question (in the first message) as well:  

 if the router has metal in the port but it doesn't have a grounded electrical plug (just two prongs not three), then is it actually grounding?

Hello again, I forgot this question:  if I use a ground loop isolator in the desktop (so the ethernet cord plugs into the isolator which plugs into the Ethernet port of the iMac), then is that sufficient to deal with any ground loop I may have from the router or modem (which do both have metal ports)?  Or any ground loop created by the grounding adaptor I have hae had on the ethernet connection for a long time?  Obviously, the iMac is grounded by its power cord...  I have a feeling I have a ground loop going here...  but does the isolator protect me from it or not?  


Hi Shaun,

I am using two of your ground loop isolators, for my two desk top computers and they definitely do help to take the edge off my symptoms when I am at the computer :)  

My question for you is,  if the router has metal in the port but it doesn't have a grounded electrical plug (just two prongs not three), then is it actually grounding?  

Thank you!