I install a filter, but the reading doesn't go down to 30 or below. What can I do?

The first filter you install will bring the reading down the most. So if you are starting at 500 G/S units on the meter for example, one filter may bring it down to 50. 50 is still higher than (we recommend 30 or below is good, and the back of the meter says 25 or below is ideal) we'd like to see. Try installing another filter at the same location. You may need to use an outlet adapter that plugs into one plug and gives you 3 empty plugs, just while testing to allow you to have 2 filters plus the meter plugged in at the same time.

The easy rule to remember is the 20% rule. Anytime we plug in a filter we want to see at least a 20% reduction. So if you are at 50 with 1 filter, try installing another. If it goes down to 40 or lower, then that is a good 20% or more reduction, so leave the filter. If it goes down only to 48 for example, the filter is probably better used somewhere else. Sometimes you will run into a wall where you can't seem to get it any lower. You can try installing a few extra filters to see if you can breakthrough, and sometimes you can, but not always. You can also consider installing filters by your main circuit breaker.

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