Is there a large whole-house filter that can install by the breaker panel, so that I don't have to use individual small filters throughout the house?

When Dave Stetzer and Dr. Martin Graham were developing the Stetzerizer filters, one of the first things they tried was a larger centralized filter placed at the main breaker panel of the house. This helped alleviate the problem, but it was not as effective as placing smaller filters throughout the house on the different circuits.

The reason for this is that the filters work best when they are placed closest to the various sources of dirty electricity (high frequencies). Examples of typical sources are: computers, TVs, dimmer switches, compact fluorescent or regular tube fluorescent lights, LED lights, high powered motors like vacuums and blenders, variable frequency motors like modern furnaces/AC units, dehumidifiers, sometimes refrigerators, and much more. You can identify a device or appliance as a source by using the Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter and plugging it into the same outlet (remove any nearby filters while measuring) and then turning the device in question on/off or plugging it in and unplugging it.

We have tested filters made for other uses and have found that nothing works as well as the Stetzerizer filters. Often times customers will install Stetzerizer filters near their main breaker panel. For information and instructions on that, click here. This can help, and is often a recommended way to reduce dirty electricity coming from the power grid and neighbors.

The filters work much better when installed properly - throughout the home in each room and when there is a source of dirty electricity then it's best to put 1 or 2 filters into the same outlet or power strip as that device that is producing dirty electricity.

The Stetzerizer filters work far better and are usually much less expensive than whole house filters.

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