Do your filters work with Europe and other 220/240 volt countries?

We are frequently asked if we sell filters that work with other countries, such as countries in Europe and other continents. (also known as is a distributor for North America. We only carry the 100-120 volt filters, suitable only for North America and all countries with 100-120 volt systems (some other may require a simple plug adapter). These filters may not be used with 220/240 volt systems. You should not use transformers (step down or step up) with Stetzerizer filters. You should never use a 100-120 volt filter in a 220/240 volt system. Use the link at the bottom to locate the appropriate distributor or dealer if you need filters for 220/240 volt systems.

We also sell the Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter which works in all countries with all voltages (a simple plug adapter is required if you have non-North American compatible plug style). can provide all your meter needs (ship to any country). We can provide all your filter needs for 100-120 volt systems.

Stetzer Electric - the manufacturer of the Stetzerizer products - has filters for many countries throughout the world. If you need filters for 200-240 volt systems, please visit to find a distributor for your region. You can also contact the manufacturer, Stetzer Electric, Inc. in Blair, WI USA for help with 200-240 volt systems.

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