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Connection to R6 router dropping intermittently

retterer 3 months ago updated by Shaun A Kranish (Principal) 4 weeks ago 6

Connection to the router from one of my devices is dropping every evening.

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I think we may need to adjust the lease timer on the device. Its highly likely that the lease timer is set to 1440 which translates to 24 hours and then it refreshes its current network devices. I would recommend making a change to this number in the firmware and changing it to lets say 10 times that number. Add a 0 and make that number 14400 and that should change the lease timer to 10 days instead of 1 , which means on occasion your router will refresh the network devices instead of Every night. Let me know!

- Seth

- Electrahealth Team


Hi.  I have left messages but no one ever calls back or picks the phone when I call.  When I did get hold of your eve. assistant - he said that your firm has a DNS change that should fix it.  He did not know the particulars but was going to have you email to me.

Do you know what he is talking about ?

John Retterer


We do offer paid support for any troubleshooting with the R6 and or JRS routers. Updating the firmware can sometimes solve these issues and other times its simply a few settings changes. If you are unable to accomplish the settings changes listed above, I can gladly assist you with this remotely over Teamviewer App or over the phone for a small fee. Please let me know what you would like to do moving forward and I will gladly assist. Thanks for your patience!

- Seth

- Electrahealth Team


This is the custom tab where you can adjust the lease timer. I would recommend changing the 1440 number possibly to like 7200. Let me know if this helps!

- Seth

- Electrahealth Team

Hi John,

Did this setting resolve the issue(s) you were having?

ElectraHealth Principal

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