R6 and R7 Router and AP Pre-Purchase Questions and Answers

Shaun A Kranish (Principal) 3 years ago 0
Q: Where do you find open source software for your router? Do I need open source software or can I plug in and turn the wifi on and off as I need?

A: Our routers already come installed with open source firmware. We install the firmware and configure a number of settings. So when you receive the router from us, it is indeed plug-and-play and set for extremely low radiation output compared to standard routers.  The routers have a physical WiFi on/off button on top of the router to turn WiFi completely on and off while still being able to use the wired Ethernet ports on the back.

Q: My parents are interested in buying a low-EMF router from you that would also have an on/off switch. Can you tell me whether they would need an R6 or R7?

A: Both routers have WiFi on/off switches. I am sure the R6 would be fine for your parents. The R7 really only offers very, very slight performance and an extra USB port only for the most advanced users.