Support Options for Networking Equipment - Wired Routers, WiFi Routers, and WiFi Access Points

Shaun A Kranish (Principal) 4 years ago updated by Mike Kapilla 3 years ago 1

Thank you for purchasing ElectraHealth.com networking equipment.  We love to help users with the equipment.  Because computer Internet/LAN networking can be complex and contain so many variables, we offer 2 types of support:

1) Free public forum support from staff and community.  Anyone with ElectraHealth.com products can make a public post in this forum.  It is best to search and see if your question has been already asked and answered.  You can get your answers in minutes with the powerful search features of this forum.  If you cannot find your question, you can post a new one here.

2) Paid professional phone/remote tech support from an ElectraHealth.com technician.  We also offer paid support that can include remote-access screen/mouse/keyboard sharing for troubleshooting and customization of network products.  Some customers are not tech-savvy and find this solution the best for them.  The current charge for pro phone/remote tech service is $0.97 billed per minute.  You can contact us at 1-815-986-7974 or toll-free at 1-800-480-7759 or email us at support@electrahealth.com for pro support.

Please keep in mind we cannot offer free support over the phone for networking products due to high demand and user-related or Internet-related common issues that are easily resolved by following instructions and guides.  Thank you for understanding that our technicians are not allowed to offer support on the phone outside of the paid pro support.


I would like to book pro support