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Netflix streaming and 5 Ghz vs. 2.4 Ghz

Kristen 3 years ago updated by Seth Lindstrom 3 years ago 1

Does anyone have issues streaming Netflix? I have a Ethernet cord plunged right into the box. It isn't running off the Wifi. The video is choppy. 

Also, I had to turn the 5G wifi on because our phones were not getting a good connection. I live in a small apartment and am very close to the router.  If you have the 5G turned on, are you getting the same amount of EMF as a regular router?

Thank you.

Under review

This is the first time anyone has reported a Netflix streaming issue.  It could possibly be the Internet or the device that is trying to play Netflix.  Have you updated the Netflix software on the device?  You said the device is hard-wired to the router via Ethernet?  Can you run a speed test using the Speed Test app or www.speedtest.net on the device that's having trouble?

The 5Ghz band performs much better as far as speed goes versus the 2.4 Ghz band.  You will increase exposure having them both enabled.  If all of your wireless devices are 5 Ghz compatible (relatively new in the past few years) then you could simply disable the 2.4 Ghz and have only the 5 Ghz on.  That would decrease your overall exposure.

Even though we have disabled the 5 Ghz by default on the R6 router, we have still tuned it to be extremely low-emission.  So even with it enabled you are nowhere near to the exposure of a regular router.  You are probably still close to 99% reduced exposure.