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Fw: Follow Up - Order # SUS 11263

Ami 3 years ago updated by Shaun A Kranish (Principal) 3 years ago 1
Hi there,
We purchased this router last year. It worked well until about July 2020. Since then we've been calling xfinity every month because our internet keeps dropping. They fixed everything they could and advised that it is our router since the connection works when we direct connect and bypass the router.

There seems to be some compatability issue with the router and xfinity services since this past summer.

Can you tell me if you have any solutions for this? Or how do I reset the router to factory settings? We know the router is the issue because direct connect worked and our old router worked as well.

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Have you tried updating the firmware for the router?  https://support.electrahealth.com/en/communities/47/topics/9918-updating-firmware-on-r6-and-r7-routers-and-access-points

There is a new version of the software for the router available.  You are actually probably a few versions behind as of this moment.  I would try this as the first step.

If you would like, we could update it for you.  There is a small fee for this, but it could save you a lot of time and make it very easy if you are not too tech-savvy or would rather just not deal with it.  The update fee should be about $15 if you'd like to have us do it.