I cannot connect to the Internet

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My router is on but I cannot connect to the Internet?

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Hi Larry,

Did you try power cycling the modem and router?  It is recommended to leave the modem plugged-in to everything, but pull the power connector from the modem.  Wait 30 seconds.  Then plug the power connector back in and the modem should boot-up fresh again.

Then do the same thing with the router after you have plugged-in the modem.

Did you resolve this issue?

Not connected to Internet through WiFi

Modem has 2 output ports: 1st port is connected directly to computer (full internet), 2nd port is connected to the Nighthawk AC1750 (no Internet).  

NetGear 86 is detected by my wireless devices but no internet. 

Router: white lights are ON for power, internet (globe), 2.4GHz, and wireless

What do I need to do to get this router to work properly? Please advise

I would say it sounds like you need to do a proper power cycle like Shaun recommended. We do offer paid support if you need any assistance please feel free to give us a call 815-986-7974.

Power Cycle:

1) Power Down - Modem / Router / Devices - ALL

2) Power on Modem ONLY - wait 3 mins

3) Power on Router ONLY - wait 3 mins

4) Power on Devices - check for internet connection.

- Seth

- Electrahealth Team


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