do all analog meters have the ability to run backwards

c1e2e3new 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

Thank you for your prompt response! I live in CA and my analog meter is not transmitting the accurate "dial" reading. SCE wants to test accuracy and replace if not accurate. I am an opt-out customer, but was told that they do not have access to the "glass" analog meters anymore? I was told that they have a analog meter that looks the same, but plastic cover and without transmitter inside (ERTZ).

Is the functionality the same or is this a ploy to get me to swap to a meter that will not run backwards? Yes, I have solar.

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Yes - they should be bi-directional and work fine going backwards.  We have not tested it, but the manufacturer has reported that they will, and I believe we have had customers that do use it with solar/etc to run backwards at times.

Sorry, I guess I should have posted follow up questions here instead of in satisfaction area?