Do filters help with WiFi?

S O. 8 years ago updated by Shaun A Kranish (Principal) 8 years ago 2

Hi there,

I recently purchased the Graham Stetzer filter and have it plugged into my
electrical socket. Do you know it it filters wifi signals as well as
electricity? Also, have you seen it diminish wifi signals?



The Stetzerizer (also called Graham Stetzer) Filters will not filter RF radiation going through the air the originates from a wireless device that is purposely generating such radiation - such as a WiFi router, cordless phone system, cell tower, etc. For these types of devices we recommend eliminating any and all in the house. For signals coming from outside we like to measure and then we will consider shielding them depending on the levels and other things.

The filters can remove RF radiation that originates from certain things like power supplies, LED/CFL lighting, electronics, etc. These types of devices generate electrical "noise" or what is often called dirty electricity which can definitely get into the radiofrequency range and the filters can remove much of this.

But normally for RF radiation like microwave radiation (microwave ovens, cell towers, cell phones, wifi, bluetooth, baby monitors, cordless phones, smart meter communication signals, smart appliances, etc) you need to measure with an RF meter and if you can't get rid of or replace it (if it's coming from outside or something) then you would need to shield it.