dimmer switches

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I would like to install a dimmer switch or two in my house, but I know that they can be a source of dirty electricity. Do you/ does anyone know of a model or make that is okay to use? Thanks!

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Unfortunately all of the dimmers available for residential use produce lots of dirty electricity. They all dim using the same method pretty much. So there are no safe dimmers out there. They will all produce a very large amount of dirty electricity and RF as well (you can pick that up with an AM radio). We have looked and tested different dimmers and verified the above statements to be accurate. The only clean way for lower lighting is lamps or more switches to control more bulbs.

I am installing a ceiling fan, and the instructions say to not use a full range dimmer switch to control fan speed with. What exactly is a full range dimmer switch? The existing dimmer switch that controlled the old fan speed turns on in stages, 1-2-3, as compared to a continuously sliding type ( "full range" ???) dimmer that has no presets. Why would the manufacturer say not to use a full range dimmer switch to begin with? THX much for your reply.

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