shielded vs. unshielded ethernet switch

Jenn Heatley 4 years ago updated by Shaun A Kranish (Principal) 4 years ago 1

I'm seeing ethernet switches that say they are "shielded" (metal, I guess?), and some that don't indicate this.  Is it best to always go with shielded?  I'm not clear on the difference between an ethernet-only router vs. hub vs. switch.  I'd like 8 ports for 8 different devices that will be wired through my walls...  


Hi Jenn,

Hubs are no longer used - very old technology.  So either you can find a router with 8 ports (not necessary) or use a switch or switches.  I would use switches...as routers are way more expensive.  Metal switches are probably a little better than plastic ones.  Netgear and D-link and tp-link all make metal switches.

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