Do-it-yourself kit to retro-shield any cord

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Hi, I'm looking for the tutorial Shaun has mentioned 2 years ago about shielding your own power cord in this link below,


Has this been done yet? Could I please have the link?

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We were unsuccessful to come up with a *great* solution to shield your own cords.  Using foil tape makes the cords very stiff and large unfortunately.  Although foil tape can be used with the conductive shiny-size out.  Then you can use our grounding cords here: https://www.electrahealth.com/Grounding-Cord-with-Outlet-Plug_p_174.html

You would need to strip off the insulation from the grounding cord *NOT* from the cord you are shielding of course!!!  So you start with the cord you want to shield, attach foil tape so the shiny conductive side is outward (pretty much the only way to do it).  AFTER you attach the foil tape then attach our grounding cord fully stripped.  Then tape over that with electric tape or 3:1 shrink tube.  Keep in mind that working with any electrical cords/plugs is a risk and we are not responsible for any damage to property or injury to person.  DO AT YOUR OWN RISK!

The grounding cord should retain/keep its insulation except for the portion that is contacting the foil-taped cord you wish to shield and is safely covered with electrical tape or shrink tube.  This will lower risk of creating a short or having an issue.

Hi Shaun,

Thanks again. With this tutorial, does it matter whether the surge protector is made of plastic or metal? Also, when shielding the cord with foil, does the plug on it have to be shielded too? What about the end at the base at the surge protector? How long should I strip off the insulation of the grounding wire? 1 inch?


You'll want to use one of our surge protectors or power strips that already has the shielded wire.  Yes, the body needs to be metal that's why we use metal.  If you use ours, you don't have to do any shielding to it.  This would just be for cords that you plug in that are unshielded.  You don't want to cut into cords that are unshielded.  You just want to put tape over them and use our grounding cord to make a do-it-yourself shield for the cable.  You would strip the grounding cord the equivalent length of the cord you are shielding so that the grounding cord's bare copper metal touches the shiny side of the tape all of the way along the cord.