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Unshielded extension cord for shield surge protector

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Hi, I wonder if it's acceptable to plug an extension cord to a surge protector to increase the length of the cord since the ones you sell are 8ft. long. If so, I wonder if it's acceptable to plug unshielded extension cords to a shielded surge protector.

What will happen in this case? Will the surge protector stop reducing fields this way because of the unshielded extension cord?

The reason I'm asking is because I wanted to get one of your shielded extensions (around 6ft.) but are too long and the shortest ones you have are backordered so I may have to obtain an unshielded one such as this below,

Please let me know what you think.


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Shaun A Kranish Principal
  • Answered

We have 8 foot 14-gauge shielded extension cords here:

Those would be the best, as the 14 gauge is the largest size wire we carry and can handle the most current.  I think we do have *some* 8 foot 16 gauge left still.  For now we do not plan on continuing carrying the 16 gauge.  But 16 gauge is great for typical electronics and things.  If you want to plug high-draw items in, go with 14 gauge for sure.  We have 8 foot available - that is the shortest size.

I do not recommend using an unshielded cord since it will emit high electric fields.  We are the only company with machine-manufactured and UL listed shielded extension cords on the market.

Hi Shaun,

Thank you for answering, my next question although it's similar, would the extension cord below emit the same high electric fields despite the shorter length?

The reason I'm asking this is because I'm looking to fit the plug of your surge protector through tight spaces since its own design is made straight. What do you think?

Shaun A Kranish Principal

the longer the cord (when stretched out) the more area the electric field will be put into.  So the higher exposure in that sense.   You could use one of those cords just to give you a flat end.  You could also shield it manually how we discussed before.