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Understanding RF and reading meteres help for a noob

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Hello everyone. I have just been exposed to the world of and health concerns of EMF’s and RF signals. 

Long story short, my wife has recent health issues that has revealed her diagnosis with RA. When have since discovered EMF issues in our home and RF issues at her work place. 

This lead me to purchase my own Safe and Sound Pro 2 so I can monitor our environment more often. 

My local contractors are not the most reliable people so I’d like to understand more about identifying and understanding how to read my meter before calling someone in. 

Can someone point me to a solid resource to help me determine if my readings I’m getting are of concern or not. 

The video from Safe Living Technology states that you should only pay attention to the peak and max numbers because the average numbers are diminished. 

With that being said, if my peak number reads 1,000 uW/m2 but my average is 40 uW/m2, I should be alarmed? 

Shaun A Kranish Principal
  • Answered

We really like those peak numbers to be below 10 at all times.  Some people will even say 1.  The Building Biology recommended levels are 0.1 or below for peak.  I'd like to see average down below 1 really.  Peaks below 10.  There is no set number because some people can still become ill with very little exposure.  But yes, the readings you are getting are very high and are alarming.  You may consider shielding or using bed canopies, which we have had very good results with.

The BioInitiative Report and the Building Biology Institute are two good resources that discuss exposure levels and how they relate to research as well as other evidence - anecdotal evidence from countless individuals.


Hi Shaun. Thank you for your reply. Since I have posted this I have done further investigations outside my home and inside my home with everything turned off and unplugged. I live in Los Angeles and even just sitting outside in my yard I get readings of 300 to 800. Inside my living room I have since been able to get that number down from 3,000 (WiFi router was in that room now in the garage) to 30 with no phones present. 

Unfortunately, my bedroom is still high and I get spikes every 15-20 seconds of 6,000 with steady 300 peak numbers. I have since located a few newly installed 5G antennas in our area. I'm thinking we may be getting signals from there. So now I need to figure out to either use paint or shielding to protect out bedroom. I also think I may be getting singles from my neighbors router. 

Thank you for the link and mentioning The BioInitiative Report and the Building Biology Institute. I will visit their site for more information. 

Kind regards,