What happens if you add a second or third grounding adapter to a device such as the laptop?

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 I like to give appreciation for the help I was given by Shaun for my grounding questions he answered. Right now, the package has been successfully delivered to my address despite the long wait due to COVID-19. I would also like to thank the technicians I called over the phone as well for answering my inquiries of the delivery status.

Anyway, I have another question to ask here. My laptop is currently plugged to a USB grounding adapter I purchased from this site. The results before and after were astonishing. Before, my meter picked up the electric fields of beyond 1000 v/m (disastrous). After, my meter picked up the electric fields of under 200 v/m. I think the average is around 140 v/m even though it was still beyond the safe recommended level of ELF.

Now, what happens if I were to add a second grounding adapter to this same laptop by any grounding sources such as this one below,





https://www.lessemf.com/ground.html (USB ground cord)


Any monitor or printer with a cord of 3-prong plug?

What will also happen if I added a third grounding adapter? Will it reduce electric fields as low as I need it to be? Or will there be repercussions such as ground loops? This is a question I'm not sure about but would like to know. Please let me know what you think.


Additional grounding adapters would not help.  Instead, you want to look to move other ungrounded device power cords away from you.  If you have a power strip - replace it with our shielded power strip or surge suppressor.  Distance is your friend - try to move things away.  If you have a monitor, make sure it has our shielded power cord.  Same with a printer if it uses a 3-prong power cord compatible with ours - use our shielded cord.  After you've done everything you can and moved things as far away as possible, if your levels are still not good, try unplugging unnecessary things.  If there are unshielded cords you can unplug and the readings go down, then you may consider using a conductive tubing to put over your cords and then ground the tubing.

In the end you will be left only with what is coming from inside the walls (the live power cables inside walls).

Hi Shaun,

Although your shielded power strip/surge suppressor seems like a good idea, what happens if I need more than the maximum numbers of slots they have? Do you sell ones that have more outlet slots? Also, my laptop is plugged to a multi-usb hub (self-powered) which has ethernet, printer, keyboard and a mouse. I'm not sure if I can unplug those. Will using Stetzerizer filters work in this situation?