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Grounding for surge protector, wall charger and portable device question. (Don't know why it's still under moderation)

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Hi, I wanted to ask about grounding for the next types of electrical devices our phones and tablets rely on.

For surge protectors, I am seeing ones with USB charging ports designed

into them being sold in the current market. If one were to plug a

phone/tablet into one of the charging ports, will it automatically

ground it considering the surge protector has a 3-prong cord?

For the wall chargers, say this wall charger has 6 ports to plug and charge

6 devices at once. However, I would like to ground all devices plugged

to any or all the ports of this wall charger rather than ground one port

therefore one device at a time. Is this possible?

For portable devices, I am simply referring to phones and tablets we use in these

times. I understand that adapters (OTG cables) are being designed for

Androids and IOS to connect to USB storage drives, mouses, keyboards and

ethernet. However, I am curious if ground will pass into these devices

plugged through their adapters especially Apple's like this below

considering it doesn't have the metal tabs around the ports,

On top of this, I am wondering if the plastic/metal ports in standard USB

to ethernet adapters plugged into the special adapters (OTG cables)

determine whether or not grounding will be passed onto phones/tablets or

not. Please let me know.


Shaun A Kranish Principal
  • Answered

The only way to know if any of these chargers are passing ground (I have serious doubts) or if any of the OTG (on-the-go) adapters pass ground is to do a continuity test.  You can use a multimeter and test for resistance (ohms).  The reading should be low - below 1 ohm.  Always test your ohm meter by touching the leads together and the resistance should be this low.  It will be low when there is continuity between two points.  We can't ever speculate or guess - we always have to test these things because there are not sufficient or adhered-to standards for these types of issues at this time.