Do your grounding products work in other countries?

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Hello do you ship to London, UK? Will your products work here too? Thanks, Adina

Shaun A Kranish Principal
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Our grounding products work in all countries.  We do currently ship to all countries.

1) Ensure that your outlets - all outlets you wish to use with our grounding products - are properly grounded outlets with a dedicated ground connection.

2) You must make sure that you have a proper plug adapter. A proper plug adapter will have a connection to your outlet's ground.  It will also have a 3-prong North American style outlet with the third round hole.  The round hole is the ground.  This is what our grounding products use to properly ground cords and devices.

3) Ensure that the outlet adapter "passes" or interconnects the ground from your style of outlet to the round ground hole (NOT either of the two flat or rectangle holes) in our style of North American outlet.

The grounding products will then work and serve you properly when these criteria are all met.

The Stetzerizer Filters we sell ONLY work with 90-130 volts.  They CANNOT be used with 220/240 volt countries.  You CANNOT use an adapter with the Stetzerizer Filters.

All other products such as routers and DNA filters will work with all countries - just be sure to read the description of the product to make sure for DNA filters.  But they usually work universally.

Does this answer all of your questions at the moment?