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EMFs from Modern High End Computers + General protection

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Reading some other replies here, obviously using a 3 prong ground cable takes care of a lot, however what about EMF from the internal hardware? CPU/Ram/Mobo/drives?

I'm thinking of possibly covering my PC in a makeshift Faraday cage using an EMF shielding blanket or fabric.

Have you got any advice on this? I saw your YouTube video on the USB plug and thought I'd ask before spending money on material.

To be frank, I'd also like to use something similar in bed, possibly in my duvet cover to block/ground as much as possible. Or maybe I'd have to lie on it for it to truly ground/be effective? Not quite clear there.

I understand EMF/grounding blankets are made by other companies, however... Amazon reviews and such gotta be taken with a grain of salt. That said, what would you suggest or recommend on each of these topics?

Less EMF = better sleep, likely more dreams & REM cycles, etc. I 100% want to go through with each scenario, I just want to be smarter about it. Sensitive enough to know I don't need a meter to tell me EMFs are wild in my room. It's just time I took care of it and myself.

I ground outside daily, use blue light filtering on PC/Phone, EMF/Radiation case on phone too, so I'm taking necessary steps overall.

Thank you for your advice!

Shaun A Kranish Principal
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3 Prong does help a lot, but SHIELDED is infinitely superior to that even.  So if you can use our shielded cables and surge suppressors, you will be best.

Are you talking about a desktop computer?  It is probably already in a steel case.  Sometimes the front is largely plastic, so that is a problem.  Using a fabric - it has to be a conductive fabric like the Naturell Ultra.  There are better-suited fabrics made of stainless steel (solid).  I do NOT recommend any copper or nickel or any metal-COATED fabrics.  Stay clear of these as the metal coatings flake and dust and powder...that is NOT something you want to breathe in or have on your skin.  The best thing to do is get the computer away from you as far as possible.  If it is a laptop, it needs to be grounded.  More distance and then longer cables can often provide relief.

The Premium USB plug is great for laptops.  For laptops without Ethernet or without groundable Ethernet the Ultimate Ethernet Adapter is even far superior.

You need to get electric fields extremely low before doing something like that in the room.  You can measure with one of these e-field metersBed canopies are most effective, our favorite being our new exclusive conductive canopy.  We have received a lot of positive feedback from customers on these canopies of recovery from health issues and improvement in health issues.

We do not currently sell "earthing" equipment due to serious risks to health.  In many instances these products actually increase exposure to unwanted high frequency EMI/EMR/EMF and cause people to get ill.  Definitely do not use them near electronics or wiring.  Best to be used with all of the power shut off.  Use at your own risk and see how your body responds - you have may a very positive result but listen carefully to your body.

You may not need a meter, but they are definitely extremely helpful at identifying what you are sensitive to.  It's really flying blind without a meter.  But always listen to your body as well.  You can call us at 1-815-986-7974 if we can help.  We can also schedule a phone consult if you would like personalized support from me.  Thank you!


It's been a bit since I posted this, however I just received my order, installed the new power strips and I wanted to run these numbers by you to see if you think a consult would be necessary in a few weeks:

So I suspect one of a few scenarios based on these before & after:

1. House or outlets not properly grounded

2. ALL my "shielded" cords aren't actually shielded and doing nothing

3. Tri-field errors (I mean I don't know about that, pretty consistent readings, just a guess)

4. User error/misunderstanding results. I would expect to see everything sitting at 50mV or less after usage.

Old strip before:

New strip after:

Subwoofer Before:

Subwoofer After:

Outlet 2: Before

Outlet 2: After