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and I want to tell them how to lower their power. How can a router power output level be turned down? We went to ethernet at our house because I am electrosensitive, but we have 8 different WIFI signals from our neighbors in our house

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Satisfaction mark by v j simpson13 5 years ago

Thanks for the prompt reply.  I'll ask the neighbors to go wired, and offer one or more your router as a replacement for theirs.

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Andrew Z
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Hello there,

The only way to turn down the WiFi transmitter is to adjust some of the setting in the router and install a  totally different firmware.  However there are many different make and models of routers so we can not say for sure what method would work.  Some routers are easier to adjust then other.  Adjusting all those routers is something that is very unlikely to happen so the best way to protect yourself would be to convince your neighbors to go hard wired and not use WiFi or using a shield paint in you home.  The shielding paint is a great product and shield you home from all floating emissions.  I will attach a link of this product at the bottom of this page.  I hope this helps a and if there is anything else we can help with please feel free to contact us.  


Shaun A Kranish Principal
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You can also offer your neighbors one of our WiFi routers, starting with the neighbor with the most powerful WiFi closest to your sleeping area I would recommend.  It's very hit-and-miss on which routers can be adjusted.  Flashing the firmware is very risky too - it's not something you would be able to convince a neighbor to do.  So only if the current firmware on their router allows some power adjustment and also beacon rate or beacon interval adjustment...

Or just give them our router and it's ready to go :)