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safe car to drive - make, model, year and/or features, especially Volvo, but others too

Paula 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 3

Hello!  I've been sleeping around 4 hours each night, awakening, and being unable to fall back asleep.  It seemed to have begun when I began driving a new vehicle.  Can you recommend a safe car to drive?  Specifically, can you advise a car make, model, year, and or features, especially for Volvo, but others too?  Thank you very much!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hey Paula,

Sorry to hear this happening to you.  I do have a couple of questions before we start looking at new cars.  Its very unlikely the car is doing this to you in your sleep.  I would like to speak to you on the phone but if that is not possible can you please answer some questions I have?

Do you have a Smart Meter on your house?  Do you use WiFi and is it on all the time?  What kind of car do you have?  And did you happened to change cell services of get a new cell phone?  

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Thank y

Paula Benner
Thank you for your reply, Andrew.  Yes, there are smart meters covered in foil with aluminum rods nearby.  I don't use wifi at home, & plug in my work laptop.  I leased a new Volvo XC40.  I don't use a personal cell phone; the work cell is usually on airplane mode with bluetooth & hot spot off.


Paula Benner